A Quick Summer Update

Mr. Tux and I are having a whirlwind summer. We are busy with work and not a whole lot else. When I am not busy with work, I have been getting some time in quilting, spinning, and knitting. I am participating in the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry. The basic idea is that you spin every day of the Tour de France. I figured why not. What better way to combine my love of fiber and cycling than with a spinning challenge. I am also doing a ton of knitting. Mr. Tux and I were able to get a few days off to spend in the San Juan Islands. What a wonderful time relaxing together. Here are some photos of what we have been up to in the last few months.


A baby gift of a quilt, hat, mittens, and two receiving blankets.IMG_1886

My first rag quilt. It turned out great.IMG_2025

A baby quilt I made. I have discovered the wonderful world of quilting pre-cuts. So amazing!IMG_2027



A baby rock crab. I had so much fun catching them when we were in the San Juan Islands.IMG_2433

All three furry children in one picture. Note Zeus sleeping in the crate.IMG_2463

A finished Trillian shawletteIMG_2436

A finished single ply waiting to Navajo ply.IMG_2483

The finished handspun yarn and the cowl I am knitting with it. The yarn was made using the single ply above.IMG_2509

Tuxley wishes he was on the couchIMG_2473

Cycling in the nice weather.IMG_2536Zeus can’t resist a basket.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!


Weekending: Adventures with a New Camera

My birthday was Friday, and I got to enjoy a wonderful birthday weekend with my boys. We had a grand time. Mr. Tux gave me a new camera for my birthday and I spent all weekend playing with it. My new camera was purchased specifically for its size and ability to make a great cycling camera. It is small enough to fit in a jersey pocket. I love it! I got to take lots of pictures over the weekend. So enjoy the photo dump.






















{It’s a Doxie Life} – A Visit to the Vet

Today is another special blog post from Tuxley. Sit back and enjoy as {Tuxley Blogs}.

Last Tuesday evening, Mom and Dad betrayed Zeus, Apollo, and I. They tricked us. We were bundled up in our respective crates and hauled us off to the vet. It was HORRID. For the entire car ride, I was stuck in my crate between Apollo and Zeus. They spent the ride screaming and yowling. As soon as we got to the vet, mommy carried me inside. Daddy brought the cats inside. The entire vet’s office quickly became aware we had arrived.


If you look closely at the crate on the right, you can see Apollo’s eye glaring out.IMG_5422

Glowing Zeus eyes on the left!IMG_5425


I spent the time waiting for the doctor in mommy’s arms. Shaking. Trembling. Full-body shivers. Even my miserable shivering was not enough to soften mommy and daddy’s hearts and make them take me home. How cruel! When the nice vet came in, he seemed okay. However, he proved to be cruel and traitorous as well. He gave me a shot and my Bordatella vaccine. The Bordatella vaccine is horrible. They shove something up my nose and fill my sensitive snout with liquid. It’s nasty and causes me to sneeze. Once the vet was done with me, it was Apollo and Zeus’s turns. I was finished and spent the rest of the appointment sitting up and looking on my siblings’ exams with great interest.

The vet said that I was a healthy 13 pounds and that I looked to be a pure sexy specimen of the dachshund breed. (Of course! Not sure what else they expected with that one…)

Until next time, this is Tuxley signing off.