An Update and a Bit of Crafting

So for those of you who follow this blog have noticed, I haven’t posted in a while. Life around here has gotten very hectic. Both Mr. Tux and I are on rather large projects at work and my free time has shrunk significantly. I am still sewing, quilting, spinning, and knitting, but my blogging has fallen by the wayside. For the next few months I will not be able to blog quite as regularly as I had been. However, I am still crafting when I have a free moment I will do updates on here about what we have been up to. So without further ado, here is an update for the last few weeks.

Mr. Tux, Tuxley and I survived the holidays in style and we are settling back into a normal routine. I was able to spend two days at a spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson. It was a total blast, and I now have size 6 Czech beads on order to ply with some purple painted top merino I have set aside. Recently, I have discovered the Jelly Roll Quilt Race from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and I have been playing with some awesome Jelly Rolls. If you want to give it a try yourself, check out this video. For variations on the quilt check out this video and this video.





Some good friends of ours are expecting their third child, a boy, in May. Last year, I made this quilt for them using my old Singer sewing machine. After my experience using the old Singer to appliqué the monsters on the quilt, I swore I would never quilt like that again until I got a new machine. Mr. Tux surprised me with my Janome last may for my birthday. It seemed appropriate that the first real quilt I would make after the monster quilt would be for the same awesome friends and their next baby. I used a combination of the Jelly Roll quilt race and the appliqué to make the quilt. I had so much fun crafting for them again. I may have gone slightly overboard with the crafting. By the time I was done, there was a phenomenal quilt, two receiving blankets, a burp cloth, a crocheted newborn hat, and a special knitted bunny lovey.

IMG_1829I just LOVE the monsters on this receiving blanket!IMG_1834The quilt back is so adorable. The puff ball monsters were perfect.IMG_1838Dinosaur quilt frontIMG_1836An up close of the appliqué dinosaurs. I couldn’t believe how easy they were on my new Janome!IMG_1842A fluffy yellow hatIMG_1840The bunny lovey turned out amazing! It is so cute. Big sister thought it was amazing and adorable.

Mr. Tux and I also got out and enjoyed some snow with Tuxley. We were able to go snow-shoeing. It may not have been on our anniversary, but at least we were able enjoy some snow. Overall, our new year has been going great. Busy but great. I am still around and will try to blog as often as possible.




A Little Knitting for Me

I have been busy with Christmas and charity knitting for the last several months. As such, I finally decided to sit down and knit a quick little something for me. After all, I enjoy having some of my own knits to wear. I used a simple pattern, Ribbed Hand Warmers from Ravelry, and only changed how long I knitted the initial sleeve and the distance after the thumb hole. Since I have small hands, I usually do less than the called for lengths so the arm warmers fit me. I love how the turned out. The only thing is that next time I make them I will use a different yarn. While the yarn I used is awesome and soft, it is a bit delicate for everyday wearing arm warmers.





Let It Go

I love music. I especially love a good soundtrack. The Disney movie Frozen has what is shaping up to be my favorite soundtrack of the year. I LOVE IT! Mr. Tux and I have the collector’s edition with the outtakes and kareoke versions. The song that I fell in love with from the first time we watched the movie at the theater and have had on repeat ever since is, “Let It Go”. Idina Menzel does a phenomenal job. The song is so inspiring and picturesque. It is rappidly becoming my go-to motivational song and the theme for my life. So amazing.

I am not the only one who has fallen in love with the movie Frozen and the accompanying soundtrack. “Let It Go”, “Do You Want To Build A Snowman”, and “In Summer” are songs that seems to be on everyone’s playlist right now. I haven’t seen a movie as inspiring and heartwarming as Frozen, since Brave and Tangled. (As you can tell, Mr. Tux and I apparently only watch children’s movies.) These days, when I am struggling, I pause and and take a moment to remember to “Let It Go” and be myself.



{This Moment} A Winter Walk

A Soule Mama Inspired Ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember. If you are inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.




Weekending in the Rain

Mr. Tux and I have spend a wonder Valentines weekend together. We relaxed, spent time on our hobbies, went for a walk in the rain, cuddled on the couch, and made a special Valentine dinner together.









IMG_4889I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend. Stay tuned this week for a special Wednesday blog post featuring a successful knit project. 🙂



{Tuxley Blogs} The Trials and Tribulations of A Doxie in Winter

Today, I am turning over the blog to Tuxley and letting him present this month’s “It’s a Doxie Life”. So sit back and enjoy {Tuxley Blogs}.

Tuxley here. Winter and I have a love/hate relationship. I LOVE playing in fresh powdered snow and running around in the fluffy flakes. As long as the temperature is about 30 degrees and there is no wind, I don’t mind winter. However, there is a side to winter I just loathe. I HATE having to go outside in the snow and do my business. When your legs are only two stubby inches, that snow hits sensitive private parts quickly and can present definite potty issues.

One major difficulty I have is walking out the door and finding an appropriate spot to crouch and do my business while keeping my delicate tummy above the snow. Even worse than the resulting icy wiener, is the betrayal I feel everytime I look up from my business to see mom watching out the door – laughing at my contortions. It hurts! Oh my broken heart. How could she?!?


Over the weekend, the snow in our backyard accumulated to the breaking point. It was so deep that I refused to get off the back step and do my business. After all, this Doxie can handle an icy wiener for only so long. To get my point across, I initiated Operation Potty Strike. This operation is a cleverly thought out ploy to get mom off her lazy butt and out clearing a proper potty area for me. Here are the steps, just in case all of you doxies out there need some pointers. (Though let’s face it, we are born knowing this ploy).


Phase One: as the snow accumulates, reduce the distance from the door you venture before pottying. If you would venture out twenty feet in normal weather, reduce it by ten feet. Then cut that ten feet in to eight feet, six feet, four feet. Phase Two: deploy drastic measures. All pottying must be done within a two foot radius of the porch step. If Phase Two isn’t enough to convince mom that something needs to be done, it is time to roll out the Final Phase. Phase Three: refuse to leave the porch step and hold it. Enforce this drastic strike with pathetic eyes, pleading expressions, and pitiful attempts to leave the step. This final step never fails to work. Mom never wants to clean up an accident in the house, and she will promptly get her lazy self outside and begin work on a proper doxie potty ground. Success!



Now this is what I am talking about!IMG_4858

Sunday morning, after a successfully executed Phase Three, mom dressed up in warm closes, procured the snow-shovel from dad, and marched outside to do her motherly duty and provide me with a cleared area for doing my business. Twenty minutes later, I not only had a cleared area for pottying, but also a trail loop out into the yard and back to frolic on. Isn’t my mom just the best…after some proper coaching that is. I still have some training to do with her though. I still don’t have my own car, bicycle, or a girlfriend. Something about not being old enough yet…For now, I will content myself with knowing she loves me enough to shovel snow for her amazingly awesome, suave, handsome, and dapper doxie boy.


Until next time, this is Tuxley signing off. Stay safe and keep your wiener de-iced.


It’s Still Not Cycling Season

Mr. Tux and I are chomping at the bit to get outside and go cycling. Over the last of couple weeks, the last of the snow melted and we were hoping for warmer temperatures over the weekend to go cycling outside. No such luck! Our cycling dreams were shattered over the weekend when we woke up to this lovely view outside our front door.

IMG_7569There is between 10-12 inches of snow in our yard and with temperatures below freezing, no hope for cyclists in sight. We are back to riding downstairs and dreaming of warmer weather.

This year, our desire to get out and start riding several times a week is strengthened by two reasons. First, we want to start burning between 400-800+ calories a day with rides so we can increase our calories and start cooking and eating again. Second, Mr. Tux and I are registered for a Century Father’s Day weekend. That means that we need to be in good enough cycling shape by June 14 to be able to ride 100 miles in less than 8 hours! We have a ton of work to do.

The mileage should be relatively easy to achieve, but what is concerning us more is the average speed we will need to maintain in order to finish the century in our allotted time. I have created a rather aggressive training plan to get us ready. However, that training plan hinges on the snow going away and us being able to start riding outside by April 1st. Hence, I am done with winter and very ready for Spring. There is still a month and a half before we need to start our official training plan, so until then, I will alternate between enjoying the pretty snow, and chomping at the bit to get cycling.