{My Crafting Corner} Handspun Yarns

Several months ago I did a couple posts about my adventures with spinning using a drop spindle. All of my spinning with my drop and turkish spindles wet my appetite for spinning on a wheel. So I started saving my pennies and doing some research. In late August I finally ordered and set up my spinning wheel. Since then, I have been busy spinning roving into yarn when I am not busy knitting or cycling. Sometime I will do a post just featuring my spinning wheel, but today, I am showing off my first two skeins of real, honest to goodness, handspun yarn made by my little fingers on my spinning wheel. I ended up with about 60 yards of the one skein and about 120 yards of the other. I knit the smaller skein up into a baby hat, and I am planning to make a hat for myself out of the larger skein.


First skein finished and waiting to have the twist setIMG_1244An up close of the colors. This one will end up being something for me.IMG_1248Both skeins hanging to dry after setting the twist. So exciting!IMG_1251This is the smaller skein. The purple/blue roving is the first I spun on the wheel and full of character.IMG_1252An up close of the color.IMG_1253


IMG_1256Cast on and knitting a baby hat with my first handspun yarn. So cool!IMG_1258My American Girl doll modeling the hat.IMG_1261Side view. Doesn’t everyone use an AG doll to model their completed hats?!IMG_1263I just LOVE how this hat turned out. It is really thick and has an interesting texture due to the varying nature of the yarn.IMG_1290Starting to spin another yarn.IMG_1295What my living room looks like lately.IMG_1296Bonus picture of mommy’s little helper.