Ann Weatherhill Cycling Classic

On Saturday, Mr. Tux, Lobstermom, and I took part in the Ann Weatherhill Cycling Classic in Walla Walla. We sucessfully completed the a metric century (100km or 62 miles). It was a glorious ride. The weather was perfect. Sunny and only about 84, a slight wind that was a glorious tailwind for a good part of the ride. It was Mr.Tux’s and my first organized ride and one we will be sure to participate in again in the future. The route was clearly marked with colored arrows and the rest stops staffed with wonder people and filled with delicious food. There was PB&J, fresh fruit, salty crackers and chips, homemade cookies, and cold water. My official numbers were, 5 hours and 34 minutes riding time, an average of 11.9 miles an hour, and a max speed of 30.6mph. Sadly, for hauling my camera, we only took a few pictures. Apparently we need to get better at pausing and taking pictures. The one picture I wanted to get at the finish line, all three of us managed to forget. Oh well. It was still an awesome ride, and we will probably do it again next year. Maybe even try for the full 100 mile century.






A Weekend in Banff

This past weekend, Mr. Tux and I loaded up our road bikes, cycling gear, and Tuxley in the Pilot for a short vacation in Banff, Alberta, Canada. We met Lobstermom, her husband, and their two hounds at their house, and all of us drove on up to Banff. After our motorcycle trip to Banff last Fall, Lobstermom, Mr. Tux and I have been wanting to return to Banff and cycle the Bow Valley Parkway. This weekend trip was the culmination of that dream. We drove up on Saturday, cycled the Bow Valley Parkway on Sunday, and returned home Monday for a relaxing Tuesday at home cleaning the house. It was awesome!


Tuxley is ready for our new adventure!IMG_0359

Not feeling quite as excitedIMG_0360

Getting a little boredIMG_0369

Tuxley is so over this car trip already!IMG_0374

Can you spot the baby’s head?IMG_0379

A mother grizzly and her two cubs we saw at the side of the road.IMG_0385



Beau is overseeing the setting up of camp.IMG_0396

Elk through the treesIMG_0404

Banff is so absolutely beautiful.IMG_0407



Tuxley would like to go home now! IMG_0429

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.IMG_0432

Tuxley was so OVER the whole trip. He curled up and hid for a good part of the way home. IMG_0454




Weekending: Fun Times with Lobstermom

Lobstermom came down and spent the weekend with us. We went cycling Saturday morning up a 10 mile hill with 2,000 vertical grade with 64 curves. Riding up the hill we averaged 6.3mph up the hill and 9.5mph down. I hit a top speed of 31.8 mph coming down the hill. The descent was well worth the climb.

After cycling the grade, Mr. Tux and I borrowed a tandem from the local bike store and test road the tandem. While we were riding the tandem, Lobstermom was riding her bike and pulling Tuxley.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend and I am ready for another work week.


Tuxley got a new toy from GrandmaIMG_5273



Cows along the road we were cyclingIMG_5280

Almost to the topIMG_5282


Tuxley wasn’t sure about someone else pulling his trailerIMG_5302

Riding on the tandem freed up my hands for taking photosIMG_5312

We also went to the Easter basket sale at the local yarn store. Look at all my new goodies!IMG_5317

I couldn’t resist starting a new knitting project with some of the new yarnIMG_5327



This Walk Went to the Hounds

Last time we were up visiting Lobstermom, we took all of the dogs for a walk. Lobstermom owns a Beagle (Bentley), a Basset Hound (Beau), and a mutt dog that has got to be part Great Dane part yellow Lab (Barkley). Mr. Tux and I of course have Tuxley. All four of the dogs are great friends and love playing together. Whenever we have a change, Lobstermom, Mr. Tux and I take all of them for a long walk. We make quite the sight. Three humans, one dog the size of a small pony, and three hound dogs.

All three hounds follow their noses and trample over each other to get first access to all of the wonderful smells. Their longs ears all flap as they run, and their tails wave proudly like saluting flags. The pictures from the last walk turned out awesome. I have been meaning to capture the walks in pictures, but I always forget the camera in the car when we arrive and remember it as we drive away. This time was different. I got my pictures!


Bentley, Beau, and TuxleyIMG_5027

Tuxley just adores Barkley and tries to follow him everywhereIMG_5028



Just look at those Hound tails!IMG_5043Tuxley loves these walks! He always ends up exhausted at the end, which Mr. Tux and I love.

The best part about hounds after a long walk is that all of us can go home and nap contentedly in the living room. A relaxing ending to an invigorating walk.


Weekending: Spring Is Almost Here

This weekend was busy. Saturday we loaded Tuxley in the car and made a day trip up north. We met Lobstermom half way between our houses and had lunch together. It was awesome seeing them. Of course she spoiled Tuxley and brought him a new toy. Grandmas seem to always know how to spoil the best. Besides the day trip on Saturday, we also had breakfast at the local Co-Op this weekend (they have the BEST breakfast food), loaded up on specialty chocolates for the week (again the Co-Op has the best around), did some on-line and in-store clothes shopping, crossed off a major portion of our Spring cleaning list, and I finally mended the items in my mending basket.

I hate mending! Hate it with a fierce passion. Because of my hatred for it, the items in my mending basket really stack up for months before I finally breakdown and mend. This time I had two pairs of pants, a dress, one shirt, a sweater, and five of Tuxley’s favorite Lambies to mend. I finished my mending pile and will start collecting for another 6-10 months before I mend again. Overall, it was a fun weekend and we are ready for another week of work.




Spring is finally coming to the PalouseIMG_5100

I love seeing the first signs of green. So Beautiful!IMG_5097

Tuxley chilled in the carIMG_5101


There were lots of suspicious looking cars in the cityIMG_5104

Playing with his new toyIMG_5105

Such a spoiled dogIMG_5102





A Lambie on the operating tableIMG_5118

more Lambies waiting for surgeryIMG_5121

Their concerned ownerIMG_5119

This is the face that stared at me the whole time I was mending Tuxley’s LambiesIMG_5120Such a spoiled rotten little doxie boy

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful weekend. Here’s to wishing you a fabulous week.



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