Paleo Banana Pancakes

Yesterday, Mr. Tux and I tried our hand at making Paleo pancakes. We wanted to have something different for breakfast instead of our normal fair of sweet potato fries, eggs, and carrot sticks. We did some searching for recipes on stalkerville and settled on this one.  Overall, the pancakes turned out awesome and were a welcome change to our normal breakfast fare. We ended up making two batches and they were delicious.






Thanksgiving Dinner

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to cooking Thanksgiving Dinner with Mr. Tux and enjoying our first official Thanksgiving together with just the two of us and our three furry children. Usually we spend Thanksgiving with my family, but this year, I wanted to celebrate the holiday just Mr. Tux and myself. So I have been menu planning and dreaming of food for several weeks. Now. Over the weekend we picked up a giant pumpkin pie from Costco. We have also been to Safeway to purchase the necessary items such as stuffing mixes, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes. Today we will pick up some dinner rolls and be completely ready for cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

One thing, we are doing a bit differently than traditional Thanksgiving is the Worthington Vegetarian Dinner Roast we will be cooking instead of a Turkey. I am  not a huge fan of turkey, and Mr. Tux doesn’t feel like messing with making a large turkey just for him to eat this year. I can’t wait for tomorrow and the delicious dinner we have planned. What is making it all the more special, is the wonderful chance to experience Thanksgiving with my family – Mr. Tux, Zeus, Tuxley, and Apollo. We don’t have to travel, drive anywhere, or worry about helping cook for tons of people. Instead, we can relax and enjoy a day together as a couple. Happy me!!




Randomness Galoure

It is almost Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to the time off from work and relaxing with Mr. Tux. It will be awesome to have some time to ourselves without others. This year, we are not going to my family’s for the day. Instead, Mr. Tux and I are cooking our very own Thanksgiving in our home. It will be the first time that we have celebrated Thanksgiving as a couple. I have been planning the menu for several weeks now and my mouth is watering just thinking of the tasty food that we will enjoy during our guilt-free cheat day of no Calorie counting.

For starters, Mr. Tux is baking my favorite vegetarian meat alternative – a Worthington Dinner Roast. So yummy. Plus we will get some turkey for him and his more traditional Thanksgiving diet. Besides the roast/turkey, we are also going to make stuffing. Lots and lots of stuffing! I just adore stuffing and Mr. Tux loves it nearly as much as I do. Cranberry sauce for  Mr. Tux (I am not a huge fan of cranberry sauce). The vegetable to go with the dinner still has yet to be decided. Dinner rolls will provide us with some delicious carbs. And to wrap up the delicious, mouth-watering meal, we will have pumpkin pie.

In other exciting news, my Christmas decorations will be put up promptly next weekend! I can’t wait! Christmas is already in the air and I am so ready to have my house decorated. Mr. Tux and I will put up our beautiful, pre-lit, 9ft tree in the living room and decorate the top six feet. The bottom three feet are sadly left ornament-less due to the destructive and naughty nature of two Bengal cats and one inquisitive Doxie. One thing I am looking forward to this Christmas season, is an Advent Calendar. Mr. Tux has promised me that we can do an Advent Calendar and I am on the lookout for the perfect one. It will be awesome!

Besides the usual Christmas decorations, wrapped gifts under the tree, and stockings hung up so prettily, I am planning on making Christmas cookies and decorating a gingerbread house. I am looking forward to making and decorating tons of Christmas cookies, including my specialty doxie cookies in Holiday sweaters.

I have been Christmas shopping like crazy. I have successfully found all of Mr. Tux’s stocking stuffers. They are SO COOL! I have also found the perfect Christmas gift for Lobstermom. She will love it. I have also found most of the stocking stuffers for her. Which pretty much means I have completed Christmas shopping for two of the 20+ people on my list. Oh, an I have found a Christmas and birthday gift for Tuxley. Both are awesome and I will post pictures after Christmas and his birthday. Now to find some stocking stuffers for him.

Anyway, there is lots going on around here. However, must of it is centering around the Holidays. I am loving the Season. To me, this is the most wonderful fime of the year!!!!


The Master Sushi Chef

Mr. Tux and I love sushi. There is a local sushi bar that we frequent whenever we can. Sushi is also one of the dishes we first made together while we were dating. Mr. Tux and I made homemade sushi together and curled up on the couch watching Howl’s Moving Castle (Awesome movie by the way!) We are always adding to our collection of sushi plates, dish sets, and cooking utensils. Our immediate families also know about our love of sushi. Mr. Tux’s dad gifted us the phenomenal book The Complete Book of Sushi by Hideo Dekura, Brigid Treloar, and Ryuichi Yoshii for Christmas one year. It is an amazing book with beautiful color pictures and lots of tasty recipes revolving around – you guessed it – sushi.

Mr. Tux and I have spent hours pouring over the book drooling and trying to learn all we needed to know to perfect our homemade sushi. This past weekend, Mr. Tux tried again and finally mastered the illusive sushi rice. Beforehand we went to the store and purchased cucumbers, nori, sushi rice, imitation crab meat, and avocados. With those ingredients and the new suribachi (bamboo bowl/mortar), Mr. Tux was set to perfect his sushi, and perfect it he did. Carefully following the steps in the book, Mr. Tux produced the tastiest sushi yet. (Trust me! I ate plenty of it!).


all of the ingredients and tools…plus one glass of fresh coconut waterIMG_4011

delicious looking fillingsIMG_4022

a perfect California RollIMG_4026

so many options…IMG_4016

using our new set of sushi dishesIMG_4027

the crabmeat and cucumber rolls were perfectIMG_4032


The sushi turned out amazing. We will have to do a date night where we make sushi and watch a Hayao Miyazaki film! Oh the memories! Anybody feel like sushi now?