Adventures in Tree Planting

Mr. Tux and I have talked about planting shade trees and what our future plans for the backyard are for a couple years now. Lots of ideas have been thrown around, and no real decision had been reached. Until this Spring. About a month ago, Mr. Tux was talking to a co-worker about trees and landscaping. Over the course of their conversation, it was discovered that this website was having a 50% off sale through the end of the day. After work Mr. Tux and I browsed the site and picked out 7 items we wanted to purchase. We ordered a Royal Empress shade tree for the back yard, a Flowering Almond, two Junipers, and three lilacs. Then we waited. And waited.

The trees shipped from North Carolina and we were so excited when we came home from work to see a couple boxes on our front porch. The trees were here! We unpacked the boxes and planted all seven trees that evening.


This one box contained three lilacs and two junipers…the plants were rather tiny looking.IMG_5124

This box hopefully contains our Royal Empress and Flowering Almond trees…IMG_5125

Opening up the first boxIMG_5126

Oh look, the bush with all the flowers must be the almond…but where is the Royal Empress?IMG_5127

That stick is our Royal Empress?!? That is supposed to be our large shade tree? Skeptical!IMG_5129

But hey, at least the Almond is pretty.IMG_5130

All of the plants in their pots lined up and ready to plant.IMG_5131

The Royal Empress (or stick as refer to it as) didn’t even have a pot. Just a couple roots wrapped in damp paper…IMG_5132

Tuxley is very suspicious of our activities in the yardIMG_5137

Planting the stickIMG_5139

Planting a lilac that looks more twig like than shrub likeIMG_5146

But hey, at least the Flowering Almond looks promising.IMG_5151

The two Junipers were cute. IMG_5153So pretty and green.

For now, Mr. Tux and I are faithfully hauling water to each and every one of these plants every other day as necessary. We are trying to be optimistic that all will survive and grow large. Hopefully, I might get to sit under a shade tree in my back yard…someday. For now, we try to remain positive.



{Happy Monday}

I am one very spoiled girl. On Friday, Mr. Tux surprised me with flowers and chocolates at work. Just because! Lucky me! I am so blessed. I got back from a meeting to find a dozen beautiful, red roses sitting on my desk accompanied by a delicious bar of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. I might have eaten half the bar over the next four hours of work. Mr. Tux sure knows how to pick out roses. They were some of the most perfect and colorful I had seen in a long time. In fact they are so gorgeous, that I couldn’t choose just one picture for {Happy Monday}. Instead I am sharing with you my top five favorite photos. Enjoy!








{Happy Monday}

Here is a tiny reminder of Spring! Given the heat we have had lately, I am missing the cool breezes of Spring. Here is a tiny little reminder of the wonderful beauty Spring has to offer.




{Happy Monday}

Earlier this Spring, I planted a bunch of colorful pansies in a ceramic pot on our back patio. Those pansies are flourishing nicely and blooming brightly. The leaves have filled out and the pot is brimming with blossoms.

06-07-2013Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous!?! I love seeing their beautiful colors every morning, and I look forward to seeming them all summer.


Seattle Adventures Part 2 – Pike Street Market

After Mr. Tux and I explored the aquarium, we trekked up the hill and visited Pike Street Market. For those of you who have never wandered the shops and stalls in the market, Pike Street Market is a colorful conglomeration of open air stalls, tiny shops, and hole-in-the-wall knick-knack stores. This was my second time exploring the market, and I found the flowers and produce to be amazing. The flower sellers had stalls full of colorful, vibrant tulips, irises, lupines, chrysanthemums, cala lilies, and other assorted blossoms I can’t name. The flower stalls were absolutely gorgeous. Besides the beautiful flowers, the produce stalls were also a vibrant display of fruits and vegetables. The fruits and veggies were twice the size of anything we can get around here right now, and oh so delicious. The avocados Mr. Tux and I had were divine!

Here are some pictures that Mr. Tux took while we were exploring the market.









I couldn’t resist the flowers and we bought three tulips to enjoy while in Seattle. Real, honest to goodness Skagit Valley tulips. Totally delightful!!


April Showers and Snow…

Bring May Flowers!!

Spring is officially here on the Palouse and I am loving the bursts of color all around me. This last weekend, Mr. Tux and I joined the other locals in traveling to the local home and garden store to load up on dirt, crushed rock, planters, and assundry plants and flowers. Spring was in the air. Mr. T and I loaded up our Pilot with two large ceramic planter pots, two large bags of potting soil, a “Bloomerang” Lilac shrub (it’s supposed to bloom all spring and summer, and it’s patent protected), several 4 inch pansies,  a couple packs of mini pansies, and some wave petunias for around the tree in the front yard. I am loving the flowers planted around my house. Every year, Mr. Tux and I make this house and land a bit more of our home.Of course, my first task after getting the pansies and petunias planted was to coax Mr. Tux into photographing them with his snazzy macro lens. The pictures turned out AMAZING!!














Happy Spring planting everyone!


My $7 Bouquet!!!

So today, Mr. Tux surprised me with a trip to a U-pick flower garden after work. It was a lovely drive out into the country surrounded by wheat fields and red barns. These people have a huge patch of land devoted to flowers. There were lupins, irises, daisies, wild roses, hydrangeas, and many other assorted flowers that I don’t know the names to. I had so much fun picking out flowers and filling an old milk jug full of different flowers. Here are a few pictures of my wonderful flowers that are now sitting out on the dinning room table. Hope you enjoy them as much as I am.


$7 worth of flowers

Vibrant Colors

Mr. Tux’s favorite flowers today


Bright Sunshine Yellow!