A Little Knitting for Me

I have been busy with Christmas and charity knitting for the last several months. As such, I finally decided to sit down and knit a quick little something for me. After all, I enjoy having some of my own knits to wear. I used a simple pattern, Ribbed Hand Warmers from Ravelry, and only changed how long I knitted the initial sleeve and the distance after the thumb hole. Since I have small hands, I usually do less than the called for lengths so the arm warmers fit me. I love how the turned out. The only thing is that next time I make them I will use a different yarn. While the yarn I used is awesome and soft, it is a bit delicate for everyday wearing arm warmers.





Knitting for Knots of Love

I love all of my knitting and sewing. However, I am reaching the point where I need new direction for my crafting. After all, I can only knit so many hats for Mr. Tux, my friends, and myself. So when some of my co-workers decided to knit hats for a non-.profit organization, I jumped at the chance to craft for a need. The group we are knitting/crocheting for is Knots of Love. The mission statement from their website is as follows: Knots of Love donates caps to: Men and women undergoing Chemotherapy, burn victims, brain surgery patients, head trauma patients, and individuals with Alopecia.  They also accept knit and crocheted NICU blankets. We have until December 1st to knit as many hats/blankets as possible before shipping them off to Knots of Love. So far I have finished one hat, and am 2/3 of the way done with a NICU blanket. I plan on making as many hats and blankets as possible before December 1st.


the NICU blanket. I am going to crochet a white edge around the blanket when I have the finished length.IMG_1137

An up close look at the moss stitch pattern. This is the first time I have knitted this stitch, but I am in love with it!IMG_1139

Up close of the colors of the hatIMG_1140

I love how the ribbing has the hints of the same main color of green as the rest of the hatIMG_1138Such a fun, bright hat!

In between my Christmas knitting, I will be knitting some more fun colored hats and blankets for Knots of Love!


{Happy Monday}

Happy Monday before Christmas from Zeus and Apollo! Christmas is in two days and we are all so excited for the holiday. All of the gifts are wrapped and under the tree. The cats have been eying their gifts all week. Tuxley knows where his gifts are hidden and he has been trying to rescue them for a couple weeks now. Mr. Tux, the furry children, and myself are all looking forward to a wonderful Christmas at home as a family. It will be wonderful.

12-23-2013We wish you a wonderful happy Monday. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!



Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

As promised, I finally have actual pictures of our beautiful Christmas tree this year. It took some rearranging of the living room furniture to get the 9ft tree set up. It is gorgeous and I love how the decorated tree with the wrapped presents underneath give our front room a wonderful, cozy holiday feel. It just makes you want to grab a cup of hot chocolate, sit down, and reflect on a wonderful year.












IMG_5802So what does your Christmas tree look like this year?


{Happy Monday}

‘Tis that season, and I am slowly starting to bring out little signs of Christmas around the house. This weekend we picked up a Holiday wreath for the front door from Costco. Mr. Tux hung it up for me and it just sets off the front of the house perfectly. I am in love with it! It is the first year we have hung up a real wreath on our front door, and I may have to make it a yearly tradition from now on. I love how the greenery looks against the white background of the door. So Christmasy and festive!! The pinecones and berries really pop. I may add a blue or silver bow to the top of the wreath to complete the look, but for now, I am just enjoying having one more Christmas decoration up.



Randomness Galoure

It is almost Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to the time off from work and relaxing with Mr. Tux. It will be awesome to have some time to ourselves without others. This year, we are not going to my family’s for the day. Instead, Mr. Tux and I are cooking our very own Thanksgiving in our home. It will be the first time that we have celebrated Thanksgiving as a couple. I have been planning the menu for several weeks now and my mouth is watering just thinking of the tasty food that we will enjoy during our guilt-free cheat day of no Calorie counting.

For starters, Mr. Tux is baking my favorite vegetarian meat alternative – a Worthington Dinner Roast. So yummy. Plus we will get some turkey for him and his more traditional Thanksgiving diet. Besides the roast/turkey, we are also going to make stuffing. Lots and lots of stuffing! I just adore stuffing and Mr. Tux loves it nearly as much as I do. Cranberry sauce for  Mr. Tux (I am not a huge fan of cranberry sauce). The vegetable to go with the dinner still has yet to be decided. Dinner rolls will provide us with some delicious carbs. And to wrap up the delicious, mouth-watering meal, we will have pumpkin pie.

In other exciting news, my Christmas decorations will be put up promptly next weekend! I can’t wait! Christmas is already in the air and I am so ready to have my house decorated. Mr. Tux and I will put up our beautiful, pre-lit, 9ft tree in the living room and decorate the top six feet. The bottom three feet are sadly left ornament-less due to the destructive and naughty nature of two Bengal cats and one inquisitive Doxie. One thing I am looking forward to this Christmas season, is an Advent Calendar. Mr. Tux has promised me that we can do an Advent Calendar and I am on the lookout for the perfect one. It will be awesome!

Besides the usual Christmas decorations, wrapped gifts under the tree, and stockings hung up so prettily, I am planning on making Christmas cookies and decorating a gingerbread house. I am looking forward to making and decorating tons of Christmas cookies, including my specialty doxie cookies in Holiday sweaters.

I have been Christmas shopping like crazy. I have successfully found all of Mr. Tux’s stocking stuffers. They are SO COOL! I have also found the perfect Christmas gift for Lobstermom. She will love it. I have also found most of the stocking stuffers for her. Which pretty much means I have completed Christmas shopping for two of the 20+ people on my list. Oh, an I have found a Christmas and birthday gift for Tuxley. Both are awesome and I will post pictures after Christmas and his birthday. Now to find some stocking stuffers for him.

Anyway, there is lots going on around here. However, must of it is centering around the Holidays. I am loving the Season. To me, this is the most wonderful fime of the year!!!!