A Weekend in Banff

This past weekend, Mr. Tux and I loaded up our road bikes, cycling gear, and Tuxley in the Pilot for a short vacation in Banff, Alberta, Canada. We met Lobstermom, her husband, and their two hounds at their house, and all of us drove on up to Banff. After our motorcycle trip to Banff last Fall, Lobstermom, Mr. Tux and I have been wanting to return to Banff and cycle the Bow Valley Parkway. This weekend trip was the culmination of that dream. We drove up on Saturday, cycled the Bow Valley Parkway on Sunday, and returned home Monday for a relaxing Tuesday at home cleaning the house. It was awesome!


Tuxley is ready for our new adventure!IMG_0359

Not feeling quite as excitedIMG_0360

Getting a little boredIMG_0369

Tuxley is so over this car trip already!IMG_0374

Can you spot the baby’s head?IMG_0379

A mother grizzly and her two cubs we saw at the side of the road.IMG_0385



Beau is overseeing the setting up of camp.IMG_0396

Elk through the treesIMG_0404

Banff is so absolutely beautiful.IMG_0407



Tuxley would like to go home now! IMG_0429

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.IMG_0432

Tuxley was so OVER the whole trip. He curled up and hid for a good part of the way home. IMG_0454





Traveling with Tuxley

I have been procrastinating on writing this post for several months now. While on our Oregon trip, I spent the whole ride taking photos of Tuxley’s different faces, positions, and activities while we were driving. They turned out rather interesting and what I ended up with is a rather accurate portrayal of what traveling with a Dachshund can entail.

Tuxley is a really good traveler for the most part. He usually curls up in his car seat and sleeps. However, on the Oregon trip he was a pain! Instead of curling up and sleeping for several hours, Tuxley fidgeted, whined, wiggled, and refused to relax for a good chunk of 6 hours. It was NOT fun. When Tuxley did eventually curl up to sleep south of Portland, it was only because he had worn himself out fidgeting and was an overly tired, grumpy dog. On the return trip, Tuxley was so worn out from the excitement and stress of the Oregon coast, that he slept most of the 10+ hour ride home. It was so TOTALLY awesome!

IMG_3618Must we leave




I am sooo bored mom!




Nope, just kidding, I am still awakeIMG_3636

Are we there yet?IMG_3645

I give up!IMG_3646

trying to sleepIMG_3647

overly tired yet still fighting sleepIMG_3648

still awakeIMG_3649


I am SO OVER this trip mom.IMG_3651

this sucksIMG_3655

I want to get out of the carIMG_3656

bored and tiredIMG_3727

grumpy dachshund has now resorted to sulkingIMG_3728

definitely sulkingIMG_3729

grumpy doxie is finally sleepingIMG_3730

tired little boyIMG_3731

Finally asleep!IMG_3732

The morning of the trip home, Tuxley curled up and fell asleep right away.IMG_3733

he sleptIMG_3734

and sleptIMG_3735

and snoozed some more.IMG_3736

opening an eye to see what mommy is up toIMG_3737

no pictures pleaseIMG_3745

exhausted puppyIMG_3747

are we home yet?IMG_3748

more sleepingIMG_3749

So over this road tripIMG_3750

bored and tiredIMG_3751

there is no point in living any moreIMG_3752

one fidgety dog!IMG_3754

enjoying the viewIMG_3755

still boredIMG_3756

no more road trips for awhile mom!IMG_3753one adorable, road-tripping doxie

Even when he is a pain, I love my precious little boy! Life with him is a real adventure.


Party at Grandma’s House

This past weekend Mr. Tux, Tuxley, and I went to visit his mom and step-dad. Friday after work, we loaded everything into the car including the very wired and highly awake Tuxley for the four hour drive to Lobstermom’s house. Tuxley knew we were going somewhere fun. After-all, his toys, crate, and goody bag were all packed and loaded. (He supervised all the packing closely. Mom has been known to forget treats and food on occasion.) This time, everything was accounted for.


Tuxley started the drive, highly excited for the adventureIMG_3978

About twenty minutes into the drive, he reached over into the other seat and stole mommy’s personal blanket. He got caught with the blanket in his mouth and his paws holding the fabric. Mommy was not happy, and promptly re-claimed her blankie. Spoiled dog already had his own anyway. 🙂IMG_3982

Two and a half hours in…are we there yet? Now? How about NOW?!?IMG_3985

I am SO over this whole drive. You people suck!

No doxies were harmed in the four hour drive and all three of us arrived safely. I forgot the camera in the car and so we don’t have any pictures of the five dogs playing, or the long walk with the Basset Hound, Beagle, and Dachshund (we are a hound family in case you can’t tell). I also didn’t get pictures of the nine pints of applesauce that Lobstermom, Mr. Tux and I made Saturday night.

Tuxley was his normal self and spent all of his time outside guarding the house against the fearsome, four-legged, masked-face sheep bandits in the field. Lots of barking was had.

Sunday, we slept in and left around noonish to head home. We stopped at the end of the drive way to watch the three late-season baby calves play in the field. This was horribly unacceptable to the Dachshund. Even more woofing and growling was had.


Tuxley noticed the cows when we stopped to take pictures. This was not approved and he voiced his concerns.IMG_3987

The cows where shocked at all the bad things being said by the loud-mouthed, tiny sized creature in the car.IMG_3988


The poor calves finally heard enough and left to hide behind their mommy. There was a mean bully of a Doxie in the car and they were a wee bit scared of him.

The self-satisfied and worn-out dachshund settled down in his car-seat for the long ride home. It had been a successful weekend of protecting Grandma from the evil sheep and cow invaders.

IMG_3990And Tuxley snoozed all the way home.

The End.


Adventures in Banff

The weekend Mr. Tux and I spent in Banff was phenomenal. We had incredible weather and the scenery vibrant. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.



















The water in the rivers was the clearest crystal blue I had ever seen. Reminded me of the floating icebergs in Alaska. The bear picture is the only one I have that turned out. It is the mother Grizzly eating berries. Lobstermom has a ton more photos and I plan on getting them from her whenever we see her next. The flowers were all planted in the Cascade gardens. There are over 50,000 flowers planted in the gardens. While the flowers were absolutely gorgeous, Mr. Tux and I were eaten by mosquitoes which detracted from the garden’s beauty. Overall, it was well worth the 1,100 miles and sore but to experience Banff first hand. Maybe for our next motorcycle trip, Mr. Tux and I will go to Yellowstone. I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone.


The Weary Travelers Return

Mr. Tux and I spent the last weekend gallivanting around on the Harley. We put 1,100 miles on the motorcycle over the course of four days, while driving up to Banff National Park with Lobstermom. It was a total blast. I had never seen the Canadian Rockies before and found them to be as truly impressive as Mr. Tux said they were. The four of us stayed in a nice hotel in the heart of downtown Banff. We spent one afternoon driving the Bow Valley Parkway and seeing lots of animals. We also drove up to the Nordic ski area and drove around the Lake Minnewanka loop. However, due to extreme bear activity, we were unable to hike to the Bankhead Ghost town and mine. Large areas of the park near Lake Minnewanka were closed due to bear activity. I can attest to the bear activity. We saw two black bear (one just a cub, though we never did see his mother), and had the scary experience of being about 100 feet from a mother grizzly and her two cubs. Nothing like sitting on a Harley 100 feet from an animal you have heard horror stories about and her two cubs with no protection. We definitely got out of there quickly. Along with the five bears, we also saw elk, big horn sheep 40 feet from us on the other side of the road, numerous deer, and one marmot. Overall, quite an accomplished wildlife viewing weekend.

I still haven’t sorted the pictures yet, but hope to do that over the weekend. Mr. Tux and I are still battling the summer cold that we caught over 3 weeks ago. It is getting ridiculous. Riding on the motorcycle while congested is an experience I hope to not re-live any time soon. In between sleeping, relaxing, and beating the cold this weekend, I will try to get the pictures edited and ready to post here next week. For now, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a splendid weekend.


Extreme Bicycle Touring

Today I am doing something a little bit different. Instead of copious pictures of Tuxley or crafting projects or house renovations or my every day life, I am sharing with you a truly amazing and inspiring story. Mr. Tux and I watched this video together and found it to be rather awe-inspiring. It is something we have never attempted ourselves, and probably wouldn’t attempt, but it is impressive that this man was able to accomplish such an impressive feat. It is a longer video, but well worth the time spent watching it. I give you The Road from Karakol.


Oregon Trip – Part 5 The 1st Beach Excursion

Saturday morning, we woke up, ate breakfast and headed out to the beach with Tuxley. The Tide was out and we hadn’t even reached the water’s edge before the adventure had a snaffoo. Tuxley went running through what he though was a little puddle…turns out, it was an eighteen inch deep Tide Pool. Dachshund went running in, sank, and came flying out the other side without ever slowing down. Boy was he pissed. The wind was blowing loose sand around and in seconds we had a wet, cold, sand-covered, miserable Doxie, who was ready to go home. I picked him up, and we walked back to camp. Beach Excursion 1 turned out to be a total failure. Tuxley was DONE!

Later that afternoon, after he had dried off, we coaxed the reluctant doxie back out onto the beach for a walk with Lobstermom and Bentley the Beagle. That walked turned out much better. Tuxley didn’t mind the beach as long as he wasn’t in the loose blowing sand, near the water, or anywhere other than the five feet of acceptable packed wet sand.


shaking off the tide pool waterIMG_3660

pissed dog faceIMG_3661

oh hells no! get me away from that terrible wet stuff!!IMG_3664

that was awful!IMG_3666

I never want to go backIMG_3667

playing with BentleyIMG_3668



the wind was blowing his tail fur…so cute!IMG_3671

now this isn’t too bad…i guessIMG_3672


wading across a creekIMG_3677



After beach walks, the Doxie needs lots of blankets and a heater to warm upIMG_3722

freezing cold little Doxie. He was shivering so badly.IMG_3726

Mom, don’t make me go out there again. I want to go home. Camping is just not for this city dog.

Overall, after the first horrifying initial walk, Tuxley got over his reserve and seemed to enjoy himself on the beach. I have one more post to do of some more beach pictures, and then I am pretty much done with Oregon pictures and we can move on to other topics.


Oregon Trip – Part 4 The Pinnipedia

One of the top highlights of the Oregon Aquarium was the backstage tickets Lobstermom tracked down for Sea Lion kisses! The four of us – Lobstermom, Mr. Lobstermom, Mr. Tux, and myself – went behind the scenes at the aquarium and kissed a California Sea Lion. Our sea lion, Quill, was a twenty-three year old California Sea Lion. She loved performing the different tricks for the audience of ten thrilled people and receiving her herring and mackerel rewards. While I don’t have kiss pictures for you, I do have pictures of Quill performing and various other pictures from our backstage tour.


a harbor seal sunning itselfIMG_4821

harbor seal swimmingIMG_4960

another sunning harbor sealIMG_4828

Max the Sea LionIMG_4842

Max was the largest sea lion there. He was quite a big boy!IMG_4989

bulletin board behind the scenesIMG_4990

Bulletin board on the pinnipedsIMG_4991

Bulletin board for the ottersIMG_4992

Remember Judge?IMG_4993

Schuster was the baby at only two years oldIMG_4994

Mojoe the mystery critterIMG_4997

Quill and her trailerIMG_4999


Quill knew how to work the cat seal walkIMG_5054

the two of them had a really close bondIMG_5006

The sun feels goodIMG_5019

such a contented face. Look at those whiskers…I kissed that!IMG_5024

Pretty girlIMG_5049

A sea lion smileIMG_5050

more smilesIMG_5057

She applauded herself for a good jobIMG_5055

A happy Quill!

If you ever get the chance, the Sea Lion Kisses adventure at the Oregon Aquarium is totally worth the money! We loved it and would totally do it again.



Oregon Trip – Part 3 The Mustelidae

Remember last week when I posted the picture of the mystery critter? Are you ready to find out what that critter was? Any last minute guesses? Suspicions?

Drum roll please…….Meet MOJOE, an enhydra lutris otherwise known as a…



















Mojoe climbed up on the rocks and flirted with Mr. Tux and the camera. We were able to shoot some amazing, post-card worthy pictures!IMG_4795

the otter parkIMG_4759

Judge and Mojoe showing off for the crowd.IMG_4769




Bye-bye Mojoe

I LOVE sea otters! I LOVE their furry little faces! I LOVE their whiskers! I just FREAKING LOVE sea otters! Having Mojoe come out of the water and play on the rocks right in front of us was a highlight of our trip. Quill was another hightlight of the trip, but you will have to wait for my next post to meet her.