A Quick Summer Update

Mr. Tux and I are having a whirlwind summer. We are busy with work and not a whole lot else. When I am not busy with work, I have been getting some time in quilting, spinning, and knitting. I am participating in the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry. The basic idea is that you spin every day of the Tour de France. I figured why not. What better way to combine my love of fiber and cycling than with a spinning challenge. I am also doing a ton of knitting. Mr. Tux and I were able to get a few days off to spend in the San Juan Islands. What a wonderful time relaxing together. Here are some photos of what we have been up to in the last few months.


A baby gift of a quilt, hat, mittens, and two receiving blankets.IMG_1886

My first rag quilt. It turned out great.IMG_2025

A baby quilt I made. I have discovered the wonderful world of quilting pre-cuts. So amazing!IMG_2027



A baby rock crab. I had so much fun catching them when we were in the San Juan Islands.IMG_2433

All three furry children in one picture. Note Zeus sleeping in the crate.IMG_2463

A finished Trillian shawletteIMG_2436

A finished single ply waiting to Navajo ply.IMG_2483

The finished handspun yarn and the cowl I am knitting with it. The yarn was made using the single ply above.IMG_2509

Tuxley wishes he was on the couchIMG_2473

Cycling in the nice weather.IMG_2536Zeus can’t resist a basket.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!


Weekend Cycling

Mr. Tux, Tuxley and I drove up to visit Lobstermom Friday evening. Saturday morning, the four of us went on a 48 mile bike ride. Mr. Tux, Tuxley and I rode Normandy, and Lobstermom rode her cyclocross bike. We cycled from Lobstermom’s house up to Mr. Tux’s Grandma’s house. When we arrived, Mr. Lobstermom had his amazing spaghetti with home-made sauce and Texas toast for all of us hungry cyclists to feed on. Overall, we had a wonderful weekend with awesome people and great adventure.


Tuxley is all ready to go!IMG_1154


Tuxley isn’t sure about Dad’s driving todayIMG_1164







Cows on the routeIMG_1236Tuxley looks like a prince riding in style in his new carrier.

The highlight of the ride was the chocolate long haired doxie and the dappled puppy doxie chasing us along the road. They were not ok with people cycling by their house. The puppy looked like Tuxley did when he was about five months old and was absolutely precious.


Tuxley’s New Ride

Recently, we obtained a new bike carrier for Tuxley. While we love his trailer, it can be rather cumbersome in town and on shorter rides. So we went looking for a new way to take Tuxley cycling with us. After research on what other people with small dogs were doing, Mr. Tux and I settled on the Petego Sport Wagon Bag. The carrier is black, mounts directly onto a rear bike rack via a mounting plate, and is removable. One of our favorite features about the bag is the fact it is removable. When we stop to eat at the local café or Co-Op, we can unclip the carrier from the bike and set Tuxley on a chair beside us. It is a lifesaver. I no longer have to eat one-handed while holding an inquisitive doxie in the other. Tuxley also really loves the carrier because he is closer to me. I can reach back and pet him now. Overall, the new carrier has become our new favorite way to haul Tuxley on cycling adventures with us.


All set and ready to go!IMG_1107

Tuxley just chills out in the carrierIMG_1108





Cycling the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes from Heyburn to Harrison

On Sunday, Mr. Tux and I made a day trip to the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes to ride with his dad and stepmom. The four of us plus Tuxley cycled 16 miles with 0 ft of elevation change. We had perfect weather and a wonderful time. A tasty lunch of sandwiches and fries in Harrison at One Shot Charlie’s marked the half way point of the ride. After we got back to the cars, we drove back to Harrison to try some of the famous ice cream from the Creamery. The ice cream definitely lived up to its reputation. It was DELICIOUS!

To wrap up the wonderful day, the four of us had a wonderful dinner of spaghetti and sat around the camp-fire visiting for hours. It was at least 10pm before Mr. Tux, Tuxley and I loaded up in the Pilot for the return drive home. Overall, it was a glorious day of riding and good times with family. I can’t wait to do it again.









This is my favorite picture of Tuxley from the day. I LOVE his ears and facial expression here.IMG_0629


IMG_0677Tuxley was ready to head home. It was way past his bedtime and he made sure we knew it. Ahhh grumpy doxies…


Ann Weatherhill Cycling Classic

On Saturday, Mr. Tux, Lobstermom, and I took part in the Ann Weatherhill Cycling Classic in Walla Walla. We sucessfully completed the a metric century (100km or 62 miles). It was a glorious ride. The weather was perfect. Sunny and only about 84, a slight wind that was a glorious tailwind for a good part of the ride. It was Mr.Tux’s and my first organized ride and one we will be sure to participate in again in the future. The route was clearly marked with colored arrows and the rest stops staffed with wonder people and filled with delicious food. There was PB&J, fresh fruit, salty crackers and chips, homemade cookies, and cold water. My official numbers were, 5 hours and 34 minutes riding time, an average of 11.9 miles an hour, and a max speed of 30.6mph. Sadly, for hauling my camera, we only took a few pictures. Apparently we need to get better at pausing and taking pictures. The one picture I wanted to get at the finish line, all three of us managed to forget. Oh well. It was still an awesome ride, and we will probably do it again next year. Maybe even try for the full 100 mile century.