Paleo Banana Pancakes

Yesterday, Mr. Tux and I tried our hand at making Paleo pancakes. We wanted to have something different for breakfast instead of our normal fair of sweet potato fries, eggs, and carrot sticks. We did some searching for recipes on stalkerville and settled on this one.  Overall, the pancakes turned out awesome and were a welcome change to our normal breakfast fare. We ended up making two batches and they were delicious.






A Little Knitting for Me

I have been busy with Christmas and charity knitting for the last several months. As such, I finally decided to sit down and knit a quick little something for me. After all, I enjoy having some of my own knits to wear. I used a simple pattern, Ribbed Hand Warmers from Ravelry, and only changed how long I knitted the initial sleeve and the distance after the thumb hole. Since I have small hands, I usually do less than the called for lengths so the arm warmers fit me. I love how the turned out. The only thing is that next time I make them I will use a different yarn. While the yarn I used is awesome and soft, it is a bit delicate for everyday wearing arm warmers.