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A Soule Mama Inspired Ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember. If you are inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.





{My Crafting Corner} Handspun Yarns

Several months ago I did a couple posts about my adventures with spinning using a drop spindle. All of my spinning with my drop and turkish spindles wet my appetite for spinning on a wheel. So I started saving my pennies and doing some research. In late August I finally ordered and set up my spinning wheel. Since then, I have been busy spinning roving into yarn when I am not busy knitting or cycling. Sometime I will do a post just featuring my spinning wheel, but today, I am showing off my first two skeins of real, honest to goodness, handspun yarn made by my little fingers on my spinning wheel. I ended up with about 60 yards of the one skein and about 120 yards of the other. I knit the smaller skein up into a baby hat, and I am planning to make a hat for myself out of the larger skein.


First skein finished and waiting to have the twist setIMG_1244An up close of the colors. This one will end up being something for me.IMG_1248Both skeins hanging to dry after setting the twist. So exciting!IMG_1251This is the smaller skein. The purple/blue roving is the first I spun on the wheel and full of character.IMG_1252An up close of the color.IMG_1253


IMG_1256Cast on and knitting a baby hat with my first handspun yarn. So cool!IMG_1258My American Girl doll modeling the hat.IMG_1261Side view. Doesn’t everyone use an AG doll to model their completed hats?!IMG_1263I just LOVE how this hat turned out. It is really thick and has an interesting texture due to the varying nature of the yarn.IMG_1290Starting to spin another yarn.IMG_1295What my living room looks like lately.IMG_1296Bonus picture of mommy’s little helper.


Weekend Cycling

Mr. Tux, Tuxley and I drove up to visit Lobstermom Friday evening. Saturday morning, the four of us went on a 48 mile bike ride. Mr. Tux, Tuxley and I rode Normandy, and Lobstermom rode her cyclocross bike. We cycled from Lobstermom’s house up to Mr. Tux’s Grandma’s house. When we arrived, Mr. Lobstermom had his amazing spaghetti with home-made sauce and Texas toast for all of us hungry cyclists to feed on. Overall, we had a wonderful weekend with awesome people and great adventure.


Tuxley is all ready to go!IMG_1154


Tuxley isn’t sure about Dad’s driving todayIMG_1164







Cows on the routeIMG_1236Tuxley looks like a prince riding in style in his new carrier.

The highlight of the ride was the chocolate long haired doxie and the dappled puppy doxie chasing us along the road. They were not ok with people cycling by their house. The puppy looked like Tuxley did when he was about five months old and was absolutely precious.


Tuxley’s New Ride

Recently, we obtained a new bike carrier for Tuxley. While we love his trailer, it can be rather cumbersome in town and on shorter rides. So we went looking for a new way to take Tuxley cycling with us. After research on what other people with small dogs were doing, Mr. Tux and I settled on the Petego Sport Wagon Bag. The carrier is black, mounts directly onto a rear bike rack via a mounting plate, and is removable. One of our favorite features about the bag is the fact it is removable. When we stop to eat at the local café or Co-Op, we can unclip the carrier from the bike and set Tuxley on a chair beside us. It is a lifesaver. I no longer have to eat one-handed while holding an inquisitive doxie in the other. Tuxley also really loves the carrier because he is closer to me. I can reach back and pet him now. Overall, the new carrier has become our new favorite way to haul Tuxley on cycling adventures with us.


All set and ready to go!IMG_1107

Tuxley just chills out in the carrierIMG_1108





Knitting for Knots of Love

I love all of my knitting and sewing. However, I am reaching the point where I need new direction for my crafting. After all, I can only knit so many hats for Mr. Tux, my friends, and myself. So when some of my co-workers decided to knit hats for a non-.profit organization, I jumped at the chance to craft for a need. The group we are knitting/crocheting for is Knots of Love. The mission statement from their website is as follows: Knots of Love donates caps to: Men and women undergoing Chemotherapy, burn victims, brain surgery patients, head trauma patients, and individuals with Alopecia.  They also accept knit and crocheted NICU blankets. We have until December 1st to knit as many hats/blankets as possible before shipping them off to Knots of Love. So far I have finished one hat, and am 2/3 of the way done with a NICU blanket. I plan on making as many hats and blankets as possible before December 1st.


the NICU blanket. I am going to crochet a white edge around the blanket when I have the finished length.IMG_1137

An up close look at the moss stitch pattern. This is the first time I have knitted this stitch, but I am in love with it!IMG_1139

Up close of the colors of the hatIMG_1140

I love how the ribbing has the hints of the same main color of green as the rest of the hatIMG_1138Such a fun, bright hat!

In between my Christmas knitting, I will be knitting some more fun colored hats and blankets for Knots of Love!