Weekending: Lazy Dog Days

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend relaxing and cycling. I didn’t end up having many pictures from cycling and being out with Mr. Tux and Tuxley. Great weather and cycling is the perfect weekend for us.




IMG_0529Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


{My Crafting Corner} A Glimpse into my Project Que

Right now, I have nine knitting projects cast on and in different stages of being knit. I also have three or four projects that I have the yarn for and just haven’t cast on for yet. Some of those projects are ones that I work on when I have a spare moment randomly. The others are ones I am actively rotating through and trying to finish up. If you remember in my previous post here, I was working on knitting a sweater. That sweater is coming along nicely. I am currently working on knitting the body. Once the body is finished, I just need to pick up and knit the sleeves and it will be done. Sounds easy hunh?. I think so. I am also over half way done knitting up another Hitchhiker shawl in a hand-dyed fingering yarn. It looks gorgeous. Here are some pictures of three of my current projects I am working on.

IMG_0506The back of the sweaterIMG_0509the front of the sweaterIMG_0508a close up of the twisted ribbing at the shoulderIMG_0507I love how this yarn is knitting up. The color is perfect.IMG_0515The little “teeth” on the hitchhiker look so coolIMG_0516a close up of the yarn coloringIMG_0517I just love this yarn. It is soft and vibrant.IMG_0526a diagonal baby blanketIMG_0527I am using this blanket to practice my English knitting. I usually knit Continental, but am trying to learn English knitting so I can do Fair Isle (aka stranded knitting).IMG_0528The color of this yarn reminds me of the movie Sarah Plain and Tall. The colors here remind me of the ocean on a gray morning.

You can find the pattern for the sweater here, the pattern for the shawl here, and the pattern for the blanket here on Ravelry.


Ann Weatherhill Cycling Classic

On Saturday, Mr. Tux, Lobstermom, and I took part in the Ann Weatherhill Cycling Classic in Walla Walla. We sucessfully completed the a metric century (100km or 62 miles). It was a glorious ride. The weather was perfect. Sunny and only about 84, a slight wind that was a glorious tailwind for a good part of the ride. It was Mr.Tux’s and my first organized ride and one we will be sure to participate in again in the future. The route was clearly marked with colored arrows and the rest stops staffed with wonder people and filled with delicious food. There was PB&J, fresh fruit, salty crackers and chips, homemade cookies, and cold water. My official numbers were, 5 hours and 34 minutes riding time, an average of 11.9 miles an hour, and a max speed of 30.6mph. Sadly, for hauling my camera, we only took a few pictures. Apparently we need to get better at pausing and taking pictures. The one picture I wanted to get at the finish line, all three of us managed to forget. Oh well. It was still an awesome ride, and we will probably do it again next year. Maybe even try for the full 100 mile century.






A Weekend in Banff

This past weekend, Mr. Tux and I loaded up our road bikes, cycling gear, and Tuxley in the Pilot for a short vacation in Banff, Alberta, Canada. We met Lobstermom, her husband, and their two hounds at their house, and all of us drove on up to Banff. After our motorcycle trip to Banff last Fall, Lobstermom, Mr. Tux and I have been wanting to return to Banff and cycle the Bow Valley Parkway. This weekend trip was the culmination of that dream. We drove up on Saturday, cycled the Bow Valley Parkway on Sunday, and returned home Monday for a relaxing Tuesday at home cleaning the house. It was awesome!


Tuxley is ready for our new adventure!IMG_0359

Not feeling quite as excitedIMG_0360

Getting a little boredIMG_0369

Tuxley is so over this car trip already!IMG_0374

Can you spot the baby’s head?IMG_0379

A mother grizzly and her two cubs we saw at the side of the road.IMG_0385



Beau is overseeing the setting up of camp.IMG_0396

Elk through the treesIMG_0404

Banff is so absolutely beautiful.IMG_0407



Tuxley would like to go home now! IMG_0429

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.IMG_0432

Tuxley was so OVER the whole trip. He curled up and hid for a good part of the way home. IMG_0454




{It’s A Doxie Life} Tuxley Blogs About Baths

Tuxley here. I HATE baths. One of mom’s favourite things is to cuddle me when I have been freshly bathed and blow dried. She says I smell good and have silky soft fur. While I love and enjoy the cuddles, the pain and misery of bath time does not make up for the wonder of cuddles.

All of my baths have the same routine. It starts when mom puts up the doggie gate and blocks of the entry to the bathroom. She then gathers my towel, shampoo, rinsing cup, and hair strainer (dad hates when my fur goes down the shower drain!). Once mom has all the supplies gathered, she comes hunting me. By this point, I have a sneaking suspicion that a bath is looming on the horizon and I have slunk into a corner to hide. Mom tracks me down, hauls me off the the torture chamber bathroom, removes my harness, and plops me in the tub. The water creeps up over my knees and I look up into her eyes praying that this time she will understand that I don’t want need a bath. Sadly, this seems to have no effect on my cruel mother.





She proceeds to dump water all over me, completely drenching my handsome coat. Lathers me up with nasty sudsy stuff. Rinse. Repeat. After I have been thoroughly manhandled and my privacy shattered, mom wrings out my paws and tail, wraps me in a towel, and sits down on the floor for the worst part of the ordeal. The hair dryer. While holding me securely with one hand, mom proceeds to use a noisy contraption to blow hot air all over me. I hate it. It scares me and I struggle to get away, to no avail. I am forced to sit in mom’s lap until she has deemed me sufficiently dry enough to turn the dryer off. Then comes the good part.

The only redeeming part of the bath time torture ordeal is the treats afterwards. Once mom has dried me off sufficiently, she takes me outside for a quick potty trip. Then it’s back inside for several of my favourite doggie cookies. On a really good day, I will even get a new rawhide to chew. For the next day or two, mom cuddles me even more. She loves to pick me up, sniff my fur, and rub her cheek on my silky fur. I just enjoy the love and cuddles. After all, I am the cute doxie and it is her duty to worship my stunning self.

Until next time dudes. Peace out!