Getting The New Year Off On The Right Foot

It’s that time of year again. New Year’s Eve. the time when people all around the world pause a moment to reflect on the events of the past year. So much has happened in our life this last year. Mr. Tux and I replaced the carpet with laminate flooring. We spent a wonderful weekend in Oregon and another in Banff, Alberta CA. The steel bikes – Optimus Prime and Saoirse – were added to our riding cycling stable. Tuxley has grown out of his clumsy puppy-hood and developed into a rambunctious, adventuresome doxie who loves cycling and car rides.

However, there has been some sadness this year as well. The passing of my grandma has been a rough transition. I miss her deeply, and feel her loss keenly. The holidays have been especially rough without her around. Christmas without my grandma seemed so empty, and I found myself thinking, “Wow! Grandma will love this. I can’t wait to show her.”…for our Christmas card and only realize she wouldn’t get to see our special card. Yet, even though she is not here physically, I still feel like she is here with me and would have approved.

Enough of the sad, on to the positive.


When I am not reflecting over what I have accomplished in the last year, I am planning what new goals (resolutions) I want to strive to accomplish in the next year. I have found that if I call my resolutions goals and break them down into smaller, obtainable chunks, that I am way more likely to actually achieve successful results. One of the goals I started last year (way after New Years though, I have a hang up on actually starting my resolutions on the first of the year) was that I would consistently blog three posts a week. I have always loved writing and my blog seemed like such a perfect creative outlet. Yet, I struggled to actually commit myself to posting. So I decided to set a manageable goal of only three times a week on consistent days. It worked! Since I started in March, I have successfully blogged three times a week – even going so far as to schedule posts for when we were on vacation. Happy me! To build on my three posts a week goal from last year, I have been working on some new blog specific goals for the coming year.

One such goal is to actually start participating more in the blogging community. I want to grow my readership and interaction with other people besides my mom and snazzy mother-in-law. A baby step towards this goal I am going to take is participating in Soule Mama‘s {This Moment} weekly link-up. I have been following her blog for several years now, and she and her family are a true inspiration to me. I love her {This Moment} posts and get a kick out of reading about all of her knitting and quilting projects. Her blog is one of my favorites!

Another goal is to start adding structure and consistency to my posts. Now, instead of just making sure I post three times a week, I want to start having more consistent post themes and schedules. To accomplish this I am changing up my blog posts. In the coming weeks, I will be rolling out changes including: the removal of {Happy Monday} in favor of {This Moment}, the addition of a monthly crafting post, and a special monthly post centered around doxies, life with doxies, and of course, Tuxley. (Don’t worry, Tuxley will not be limited to just one post a month 🙂 I can’t resist showing him off.) I am really excited for all of these new changes. For the past three to four months I have been stressing over and trying to plan what I wanted to do this next year. The plan and goals listed above are on their third re-write and I am absolutely thrilled for how everything is turning out. So cheers to another wonderful, adventure filled year, it is going to be a fun ride.

Happy New Year everyone!




Tuxley Turns Two

It is hard to believe that Tuxley turns two today. My little boy has grown up so fast. It seems like only yesterday that Mr. Tux and I went to a co-worker’s house to just “look” at the one remaining dachshund puppy. Yeah right. From the moment he stumbled out of the crate behind all of his brothers and sisters and tumbled right into my heart, Tuxley was meant to be our doxie. Love at first sight. I held him for over twenty minutes while we talked with the breeder, and right away Mr. Tux and I knew, there was no way we were leaving without the charming little bundle of fur in my arms.

Mr. Tux and I were totally unprepared for a puppy. On the way home from the breeder’s, we had to stop at Wal-Mart and pick up puppy food, an extra-small dog sweater, collar, leash, food dish, dog treats, rawhide bones, a dog bed, and a couple small dog toys. Because we were so totally unprepared for a dog, Tuxley got to spend his first night and the next couple weeks at home living in a crate borrowed from one of the cats. We picked up two regular crates and one travel crate for him several weeks later when we found the ones we wanted on sale.

That first night was rough. Tuxley had an accident in his crate on the way home and needed his first bath right away. By the end of the night, I would have bathed him a grand total of three times. He kept howling and crying in the crate until he made himself sick. The next few weeks became a miserable routine of waking up every 2-3 hours, dressing, stumbling outside in the snow, and trying to convince a puppy he needed to potty. Then putting him back in his crate and trying to sleep before having to do it all over again. Tuxley screamed and cried so bad in his crate at night, we were forced to move him downstairs to the laundry room for a bit more quiet. Even then, Mr. Tux was sleeping with earplugs and I had my iPod on every night.

The discovery of the nice wire crates and moving a crate into the bedroom on my side of the bed turned out to be the magic solution. We had a can of coins to rattle whenever he whined, and within a couple nights he was sleeping happily beside me with little to no fuss. Finally! His crate has been on my side of the bed ever since, and he loves going to bed. (the bedtime treat might have something to do with that though 🙂 ) Even with how rough and miserable those first weeks and months were, and even when Tuxley is an absolute pill every now and then now, I wouldn’t trade my little tri-colored dappled doxie for anything. I love my little man so much. He brightens my days and is my constant companion. Life would be so empty without him. Secretly, even Mr. Tux loves having him around…sshhhh don’t tell him I said that.

It is amazing to look back over the last two years and see how much Tuxley has grown up and changed.IMG_3191 IMG_3193 IMG_6297 IMG_6299 IMG_6302 IMG_6339 IMG_6442 IMG_6447 IMG_6624 IMG_6649 IMG_3247 IMG_6988 IMG_7028




















2013-04-12 19.46.09




















2013-08-05 07.10.14









12-25-2013 Merry Christmas

IMG_6325Happy Birthday little man. Mommy and Daddy love you!



{Happy Monday}

Happy Monday before Christmas from Zeus and Apollo! Christmas is in two days and we are all so excited for the holiday. All of the gifts are wrapped and under the tree. The cats have been eying their gifts all week. Tuxley knows where his gifts are hidden and he has been trying to rescue them for a couple weeks now. Mr. Tux, the furry children, and myself are all looking forward to a wonderful Christmas at home as a family. It will be wonderful.

12-23-2013We wish you a wonderful happy Monday. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!


A Lazy Weekend

This week has just dragged by. Every morning I have woken up feeling like it was Friday just to realize it was only Tuesday…Wednesday…Thursday. However, it is finally Friday! And I am so looking forward to relaxing, sleeping, and spending time enjoying my family. I think the kids are looking forward to a weekend relaxing and sleeping too. After all, what better way for a hound dog and two cats to spend the weekend, but with sleeping soundly all cuddled up in their respective spots.


Apollo doesn’t appreciate being disturbedIMG_5646

Zeus looks guilty…IMG_5637

Now as adorable and pathetic as Tuxley looks in the above picture, I must confess, we didn’t pose him. He tucked himself under his blankie on the dog bed after we stayed up to late. He decided that if we were not able to realize it was bedtime, he would just go to bed himself. We barely got one picture before he awoke and sat up.

Have a great weekend everyone!




My Little Derp

Tuxley is turning two in exactly nine days from today. It is hard to believe that my adorable little doxie puppy that once fit in my hands and cried if he wasn’t being carried by either Mr. Tux or myself will be two. He is now a stubborn boy, who adores his morning cuddles, bullies his siblings, and is still my little boy. Tuxley is adorable. Handsome. Dashing. Dapper. Quite the show-off. Tuxley is also quite the derp. He can be such a clown and loves to show off for an audience.

Over the weekend, Mr. Tux managed to snap these three pictures of Tuxley just being Tuxley in his relaxed and goofy state.



IMG_6142I love my little derpy doxie!



Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

As promised, I finally have actual pictures of our beautiful Christmas tree this year. It took some rearranging of the living room furniture to get the 9ft tree set up. It is gorgeous and I love how the decorated tree with the wrapped presents underneath give our front room a wonderful, cozy holiday feel. It just makes you want to grab a cup of hot chocolate, sit down, and reflect on a wonderful year.












IMG_5802So what does your Christmas tree look like this year?



A Saturday of Sewing

On Black Friday, I braved the crowds and ventured out to the fabric store. Flannel was on sale at 75% off and I couldn’t resist the chance of yards of fabric with the lowest prices of the year. So for the last week I have had a pile of fabric sitting there calling my name and begging to be sewn into receiving blankets, Tuxley blankets, and one special doll blanket. Saturday morning Mr. Tux helped me drag out my sewing machine. I took over the kitchen counter and dinning room table with all of my sewing supplies and piles of fabric. I ironed over 15 yards of flannel and sewed a grand total of 8 blankets. Four of the blankets are for Tuxley – the two dark blue ones with ice skating polar bears and penguins, the orange and blue bicycles, and one of the pink and green flowered vines. The other pink and green blanket is a doll blanket for a special little girl. As for the remaining three blankets, they are for some friends and their special baby boy who will be arriving soon.

It had been a while since I sat down and spent a day just sewing. I loved it! It is so relaxing and rewarding to set aside time and enjoy quiet time sewing. Since I am a gift-oriented person, it is doubly rewarding to be sewing for someone else. I can’t wait to have the matching quilt finished and see our friends’ faces when they open up the custom quilt and blankets for their baby. It will be well worth all the time and effort spent.

Here are some pictures of my incredible Saturday of sewing…


all spread out on the tableIMG_4257

fabric waiting to ironIMG_4258

up close of the green and pink blanket fabricIMG_4268

blue and tangerine bicyclesIMG_4269

I absolutely adore this fabric combo for Tuxley!IMG_4270

blue and tangerine chevronsIMG_4276

more blue and tangerine chevronsIMG_4271

I love the combination of the varying shades of blue and tangerine chevrons when combinedIMG_4297

happy little monstersIMG_4254

this dark blue fabric is one of my favorite finds of the year for Tuxley. The penguins are totally appropriate for my little Tux…IMG_4280

a finished bicycle blanket for TuxleyIMG_4290

completed skinny blue with large tangerine chevronsIMG_4291

large blue and tangerine chevronsIMG_4292

both blankets togetherIMG_4294

They turned out perfectly!IMG_4295

the monsters are amazing!IMG_4313

completed green and pink blanketsIMG_4314

this combination turned out as amazing as I imaginedIMG_4312

a little girly for Tuxley, even by my standards, but perfect for a girl’s doll blanketIMG_4315

completed ice skating bears and penguins blanketIMG_4316


all of the completed blanketsIMG_4318


IMG_4320all eight of the blankets finished and stacked up make an impressive pile!

Overall, it was a rather productive Saturday and I loved it! I can’t wait to do it again when I have the fabric for the baby quilt.