Enjoying Life with Bengals

So it has been forever since the Little Jerks were featured here on the blog. Usually I am posting the tons and tons and oodles and oodles of Dachshund pictures I seem to acquire – for some strange reason because he’s cute and irresistible. Now that isn’t to say the cats aren’t still around or part of our lives, however, they don’t seem to get photographed nearly as much as Tuxley. Unlike Tuxley, Zeus and Apollo do NOT pose or otherwise position nicely for the camera. They do not wear sweaters. (Trust me, I tried.)  They do not do tricks for treats. They do not appreciate being hauled places in bike trailers or motorized vehicles. (Tried that too.) However, they are capable of much.

They can beg for their lunch-time treats with insistence. They can walk all over your head while meowing loudly at 3AM. They can splash the water out of their water bowl in a two foot radius. (I am watching you Zeus.) They can steal the dog’s toys and make him agitated. They can cuddle on laps with great abandon. They can wander the house screaming at the top of their lungs because they have lost us. They can immerse themselves into a person’s life and hearts forever. They make you question your sanity while cementing your desire not to have children. They are Bengals. They are OUR Little Jerks.







IMG_3993Imaginary bonus points to anyone who can identify which cat (Apollo or Zeus) is in each picture.


Party at Grandma’s House

This past weekend Mr. Tux, Tuxley, and I went to visit his mom and step-dad. Friday after work, we loaded everything into the car including the very wired and highly awake Tuxley for the four hour drive to Lobstermom’s house. Tuxley knew we were going somewhere fun. After-all, his toys, crate, and goody bag were all packed and loaded. (He supervised all the packing closely. Mom has been known to forget treats and food on occasion.) This time, everything was accounted for.


Tuxley started the drive, highly excited for the adventureIMG_3978

About twenty minutes into the drive, he reached over into the other seat and stole mommy’s personal blanket. He got caught with the blanket in his mouth and his paws holding the fabric. Mommy was not happy, and promptly re-claimed her blankie. Spoiled dog already had his own anyway. 🙂IMG_3982

Two and a half hours in…are we there yet? Now? How about NOW?!?IMG_3985

I am SO over this whole drive. You people suck!

No doxies were harmed in the four hour drive and all three of us arrived safely. I forgot the camera in the car and so we don’t have any pictures of the five dogs playing, or the long walk with the Basset Hound, Beagle, and Dachshund (we are a hound family in case you can’t tell). I also didn’t get pictures of the nine pints of applesauce that Lobstermom, Mr. Tux and I made Saturday night.

Tuxley was his normal self and spent all of his time outside guarding the house against the fearsome, four-legged, masked-face sheep bandits in the field. Lots of barking was had.

Sunday, we slept in and left around noonish to head home. We stopped at the end of the drive way to watch the three late-season baby calves play in the field. This was horribly unacceptable to the Dachshund. Even more woofing and growling was had.


Tuxley noticed the cows when we stopped to take pictures. This was not approved and he voiced his concerns.IMG_3987

The cows where shocked at all the bad things being said by the loud-mouthed, tiny sized creature in the car.IMG_3988


The poor calves finally heard enough and left to hide behind their mommy. There was a mean bully of a Doxie in the car and they were a wee bit scared of him.

The self-satisfied and worn-out dachshund settled down in his car-seat for the long ride home. It had been a successful weekend of protecting Grandma from the evil sheep and cow invaders.

IMG_3990And Tuxley snoozed all the way home.

The End.


10 Things I Love About…

FALL! It is hard to believe it, but it’s that time of year again. The air is getting crisp and cool in the mornings. Leaves are starting to turn. Harvest is officially over. So I figured, what better way to welcome Fall, than with a 10 Things I Love post dedicated just to this glorious season.

  1. Autumn colors turning the landscape orange, gold, red, and saffron.
  2. The crisp morning air
  3. Miniature decorative gourds and squash (I must get me some soon for the table)
  4. Pumpkins! All large, roundish, and orange
  5. Indian corn for decorating tables and baskets (I need to get some of these too!)
  6. Thanksgiving is approaching, which means mashed potatoes and STUFFING! (I LOVE stuffing! Yummy)
  7. Only three more months until my favorite time of year…Christmas!
  8. Sweater season for Tuxley. His Halloween sweater is just adorable. Pictures will be forth coming shortly.
  9. Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream
  10. Candy Corn! I freaking LOVE candy corn!! Mr. Tux finds it highly disgusting, but I just live for candy corn and those little orange and green candy pumpkins. Tasty. (I might have already eaten my first bag)



Photographs and Memories

It is with a sad and heavy heart, that I said good-bye to my wonderful grandma this week. She passed away peacefully after a more than thirty-year battle with MS. With her passing, I have lost more than my grandma, I have also lost one of my best friends.

Grandma instilled in me a passion for music and dance. She loved to laugh and tell stories about the places she had traveled, people she knew, and the adventures she had. I spent hours growing up listening to her and Grandpa tell stories about how they met, the adventures they had, and all the crazy things they had seen over the years. During college I spent every free weekend at their house. Grandpa would watch boxing or some other show that Grandma and I weren’t interested in. Instead, Grandma and I would retreat the back bedroom and watch chick flicks, Hallmark movies, and CSI re-runs together. While we watched movies, I would paint my nails and Grandma would tell me stories from her girlhood. We both loved to read and would trade books back and forth that we thought the other would enjoy.

Even when I didn’t have free weekends, I would still always take time out of my busy week to call and talk to Grandpa and Grandma. To me they aren’t just my grandparents. They are my best friends first and grandparents second. In loosing my Grandma, I have truly lost one of my best friends and I will miss her every single day. Yet, I am also relieved and grateful that she is at peace and not hurting any more. I know when I see her again, she will be well and whole. She will be able to finally do the dancing she gave up because of MS. Grandma will no longer be held back from doing things she used to do because of a physical illness.

I am so thankful for all the time I had with Grandma and for the many happy, wonderful memories I have. She was a truly remarkable woman and I hope I can be half the person she was.


Weekend Fun and Adventures

I have spent the last couple evenings cleaning the house and getting ready for company. My brother (JM) and his girlfriend Sunshine are driving up this evening to spend the whole weekend with us! It is going to be a blast. Plans for adventure include motorcycling together, talking, cooking, and possibly the county fair. This is the second year we have gotten together for a motorcycling weekend and I must admit, I can’t wait!

Tuxley loves having my brother and his girlfriend visit. Ok, he really just adores Sunshine. Something about her just melts Tuxley’s soul and for the time she is around, my precious one person dog ignores me. He will go nuts when she gets here. Overall, it should be a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled weekend spent with two amazing people.

Except for getting ready for company, not much has been going on around here. Mr. Tux is in complete nerd heaven with another monitor for his growing collection. I am trying out a new planner system for the first time. My Franklin-Covey pages arrived on Wednesday and I have my binder mostly set up. Now I just need to wait for January to officially start the new pages. I will do a post on my planner and how it is going at a later date. I am busy planning another baby quilt. This one is for another set of friends who will be welcoming their second child in February. I am thinking of creating a big sister/little sibling quilt package, but we will see. More information such as baby gender and nursery theme/colors are needed before I make any decisions. Until then, I will continue to haunt JoAnns for fabric and Pinterest for ideas.

Enough rambling from me. Have a great weekend everyone.


An Evening Ride with My Boys

Sunday evening, Mr. Tux and I loaded up the steel bikes, the DoggyRide, and Tuxley in the Pilot and drove out to a different starting point on the bike trail. It was the first time we ventured out with the steel-frames and the trailer. The evening was perfect for riding; and the ride turned out amazing. All afternoon the clouds had been threatening rain, but we still really wanted to ride. So we said screw it, loaded up, packed our rain jackets and off we went. As it turned out, the storm clouds passed us by and the sun came out.

The section of trail we were riding is farther away from town and has far less foot and bike traffic than our normal section. As such, Tuxley got a special treat. We opened up the front of the trailer and he got to experience his first ride with the top and front both open. At first, he was a little unsure, but he settled down nicely and seemed to love having the front flap open. However, on the way back, Mr. Tux really moved out and Tuxley looked a bit concerned for his safety. His ears were flapping wildly in the wind and he looked like Yoda trying to fly. So cute! We did 16 miles in an hour and twenty minutes of riding time with an average speed of 11.9 mph and max speed of 23.5 mph. Pretty snazzy for steel bikes.


In the car on the way to the trail headIMG_3953

halfway point photo breakIMG_3955

see the snazzy cycling blankets?!? He seems to love the added warmth and fluffinessIMG_3959

they see me rollin’…they all be hatin’…they ain’t ridin’ in styleIMG_3960Tuxley crashed after we got back to the car…He cuddled up to his Lambie and SLEPT!

The ride was definitely awesome and well worth the effort to drive to a different trail head. Our new headlight mounts and brake lights should come today for the steel bikes. Once they are installed, we are set for the Fall riding season. No more having to worry about getting caught in the dark.


{Happy Monday}

I am one very spoiled girl. On Friday, Mr. Tux surprised me with flowers and chocolates at work. Just because! Lucky me! I am so blessed. I got back from a meeting to find a dozen beautiful, red roses sitting on my desk accompanied by a delicious bar of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. I might have eaten half the bar over the next four hours of work. Mr. Tux sure knows how to pick out roses. They were some of the most perfect and colorful I had seen in a long time. In fact they are so gorgeous, that I couldn’t choose just one picture for {Happy Monday}. Instead I am sharing with you my top five favorite photos. Enjoy!