One of Those Weeks

So it has been one of those weeks. We have gone to bed early every night, and it seems like I am still exhausted. One would think that averaging 8+ hours of sleep a night would be enough to keep me well rested, but apparently not this week. As I write this post for tomorrow morning, all I can think of is just how much I wish I was already in bed and it is only 5:30PM. Gah! Some weeks are just one of those weeks. You know the kind. The cat is clingy and desperate for attention at all hours of the night. Work is super busy and full of deadlines. The dog is high-maintenance and full of energy – after all, he is well rested from long nights of sleep.

I am so ready for the long weekend. Three whole days off with no worries or cares in the world! Guess what I am planning on doing. SLEEPING! Also hopefully cycling, sewing, blogging, and cleaning around the house. This will be the first weekend in over a month that Mr. Tux, Tuxley, Zeus, and myself will not be sick. The four of us have spent that last few weekends alternating who was under the weather. Sometimes two or more of us were sick and not ourselves. However, this beautiful, long weekend nobody is sick (knock on wood) and we will finally be able to enjoy a healthy, happy, restful weekend. I can’t wait!

Here is wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, rested long weekend too.



Fall Is In the Air

The days are getting shorter. Our bike rides are now ending in the dark and we are having to use our lights when out riding in the evenings. The mornings are crisper. The weather is cooler. The students are back and everyone is back to classes, including Mr. Tux. This semester, Mr. Tux is working on class six out of ten towards his masters, and our blissful summer of freedom is over. Over the weekend, we went to the last farmer’s market of the season for us. They will continue on through September, but we won’t be able to make it to any more this year. We will have to find another way to sneak in our Breakfast Dates at the Co-Op. One thing that isn’t over for the summer is our cycling. With the lights and steel bikes, Mr. Tux and I can continue to ride until late this fall. We will need to obtain cold weather riding gear, but at least we have the bikes for riding this year.

With the arrival of the school year again, my thoughts, plans, and attention turn once again to crafting. I have quilts to finish. Quilts to start. A baby quilt to make for a couple friends. And of course, snuggly blankets and sweaters to make for everyone’s favorite, spoiled rotten doxie Tuxley. Monday evening I ran to JoAnns on an errand and picked up the cutest flannel print to make him a blanket. The print is adorable and will match his DoggyRide trailer. I was quite estatic about the find. With Mr. Tux back in school, I will have time once again to start working on my sewing and quilting projects which of course I will share with all of you here. Besides having the free time to craft again, I have plans for upcoming blog posts, Tuxley photo sessions, and other miscellaneous activities. I might even actually get to play the computer games I purchased this summer during the Steam summer sale. Maybe one of the nights this week I will sew Tuxley’s new blanket. He can always use another.

What about you? How are your days changing now that Fall is approaching?


The New Horse in the Stable


There is a new addition to the Tux Family stables. Monday evening we went to our local bike store and picked up my new ride. A beautiful, customized Trek 520 joins the family as another proud addition to my bicycling stable. A steel framed bike designed for commuting and touring, I have decided to name her Saoirse (pronounced sear-sha). Saoirse is Irish for freedom and liberty; and freedom and liberty is exactly what Saoirse brings to my cycling experience. She is going to be my all-weather ride. I am going to outfit her with front and rear racks, a trailer hitch for Tuxley’s trailer, and panniers. Saoirse is going to be a great commuter bike for cycling to the Co-Op and Farmer’s Market, as well as an all-weather ride for the crappy weather that Fall, Winter, and early Spring bring for us here in the Pacific Northwest.







While not quite the fancy lady that Eowynn is, Saoirse is a class unto herself and the smoothest riding bike ever! The bumps and rough patches in the road seem to disappear when riding her. I am in love! Mr. Tux and I are looking forward to cycling later this season than we have before. With our steel-framed bicycles we can cycle until the snow hits in late November, all while not having to worry about our precious road bikes getting harmed. Brilliant! The roads are calling and I am looking forward to cycling this weekend now that we have finally beaten the worst of our 3+week cold.


Adventures in Banff

The weekend Mr. Tux and I spent in Banff was phenomenal. We had incredible weather and the scenery vibrant. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.



















The water in the rivers was the clearest crystal blue I had ever seen. Reminded me of the floating icebergs in Alaska. The bear picture is the only one I have that turned out. It is the mother Grizzly eating berries. Lobstermom has a ton more photos and I plan on getting them from her whenever we see her next. The flowers were all planted in the Cascade gardens. There are over 50,000 flowers planted in the gardens. While the flowers were absolutely gorgeous, Mr. Tux and I were eaten by mosquitoes which detracted from the garden’s beauty. Overall, it was well worth the 1,100 miles and sore but to experience Banff first hand. Maybe for our next motorcycle trip, Mr. Tux and I will go to Yellowstone. I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone.


The Weary Travelers Return

Mr. Tux and I spent the last weekend gallivanting around on the Harley. We put 1,100 miles on the motorcycle over the course of four days, while driving up to Banff National Park with Lobstermom. It was a total blast. I had never seen the Canadian Rockies before and found them to be as truly impressive as Mr. Tux said they were. The four of us stayed in a nice hotel in the heart of downtown Banff. We spent one afternoon driving the Bow Valley Parkway and seeing lots of animals. We also drove up to the Nordic ski area and drove around the Lake Minnewanka loop. However, due to extreme bear activity, we were unable to hike to the Bankhead Ghost town and mine. Large areas of the park near Lake Minnewanka were closed due to bear activity. I can attest to the bear activity. We saw two black bear (one just a cub, though we never did see his mother), and had the scary experience of being about 100 feet from a mother grizzly and her two cubs. Nothing like sitting on a Harley 100 feet from an animal you have heard horror stories about and her two cubs with no protection. We definitely got out of there quickly. Along with the five bears, we also saw elk, big horn sheep 40 feet from us on the other side of the road, numerous deer, and one marmot. Overall, quite an accomplished wildlife viewing weekend.

I still haven’t sorted the pictures yet, but hope to do that over the weekend. Mr. Tux and I are still battling the summer cold that we caught over 3 weeks ago. It is getting ridiculous. Riding on the motorcycle while congested is an experience I hope to not re-live any time soon. In between sleeping, relaxing, and beating the cold this weekend, I will try to get the pictures edited and ready to post here next week. For now, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a splendid weekend.


Extreme Bicycle Touring

Today I am doing something a little bit different. Instead of copious pictures of Tuxley or crafting projects or house renovations or my every day life, I am sharing with you a truly amazing and inspiring story. Mr. Tux and I watched this video together and found it to be rather awe-inspiring. It is something we have never attempted ourselves, and probably wouldn’t attempt, but it is impressive that this man was able to accomplish such an impressive feat. It is a longer video, but well worth the time spent watching it. I give you The Road from Karakol.


{Happy Monday}

Here is a tiny reminder of Spring! Given the heat we have had lately, I am missing the cool breezes of Spring. Here is a tiny little reminder of the wonderful beauty Spring has to offer.



Right Now…

…I am:

  • enjoying the last little bit of summer
  • dreading the return of the students and traffic in our fair city
  • wishing we were over our summer colds
  • looking forward to cycling once our colds are gone
  • dreaming of adventures and travels next year
  • lusting after a new bicycle (can you say STEEL FRAME baby!!)
  • hoping for beautiful weather this weekend
  • loving my doxie
  • planning our vacations for the upcoming year
  • crocheting a blanket for Tuxley
  • eyeing a new winter coat and sweater set for the Doxie
  • missing family and friends
  • reading Starry Night by Isabel Suppe (check it out!)
  • thinking of napping this weekend
  • brainstorming ideas for upcoming blog posts (Suggestions anyone?)
  • living life to the fullest