Oregon Trip – Part 4 The Pinnipedia

One of the top highlights of the Oregon Aquarium was the backstage tickets Lobstermom tracked down for Sea Lion kisses! The four of us – Lobstermom, Mr. Lobstermom, Mr. Tux, and myself – went behind the scenes at the aquarium and kissed a California Sea Lion. Our sea lion, Quill, was a twenty-three year old California Sea Lion. She loved performing the different tricks for the audience of ten thrilled people and receiving her herring and mackerel rewards. While I don’t have kiss pictures for you, I do have pictures of Quill performing and various other pictures from our backstage tour.


a harbor seal sunning itselfIMG_4821

harbor seal swimmingIMG_4960

another sunning harbor sealIMG_4828

Max the Sea LionIMG_4842

Max was the largest sea lion there. He was quite a big boy!IMG_4989

bulletin board behind the scenesIMG_4990

Bulletin board on the pinnipedsIMG_4991

Bulletin board for the ottersIMG_4992

Remember Judge?IMG_4993

Schuster was the baby at only two years oldIMG_4994

Mojoe the mystery critterIMG_4997

Quill and her trailerIMG_4999


Quill knew how to work the cat seal walkIMG_5054

the two of them had a really close bondIMG_5006

The sun feels goodIMG_5019

such a contented face. Look at those whiskers…I kissed that!IMG_5024

Pretty girlIMG_5049

A sea lion smileIMG_5050

more smilesIMG_5057

She applauded herself for a good jobIMG_5055

A happy Quill!

If you ever get the chance, the Sea Lion Kisses adventure at the Oregon Aquarium is totally worth the money! We loved it and would totally do it again.



Oregon Trip – Part 3 The Mustelidae

Remember last week when I posted the picture of the mystery critter? Are you ready to find out what that critter was? Any last minute guesses? Suspicions?

Drum roll please…….Meet MOJOE, an enhydra lutris otherwise known as a…



















Mojoe climbed up on the rocks and flirted with Mr. Tux and the camera. We were able to shoot some amazing, post-card worthy pictures!IMG_4795

the otter parkIMG_4759

Judge and Mojoe showing off for the crowd.IMG_4769




Bye-bye Mojoe

I LOVE sea otters! I LOVE their furry little faces! I LOVE their whiskers! I just FREAKING LOVE sea otters! Having Mojoe come out of the water and play on the rocks right in front of us was a highlight of our trip. Quill was another hightlight of the trip, but you will have to wait for my next post to meet her.


Oregon Trip – Part 2 The Aquarium

I love aquariums! I love going to see the sea otters, sea horses, and touch tanks. One of my favorite aquariums is the Oregon Aquarium in Newport. We first visited the aquarium the week we were engaged. And going back this year, three years later, was even more fun. It was great to see all of the changes that had happened since we visited last. Mr. Tux hauled his good camera and I have phenomenal pictures from our day there. I will be splitting up the aquarium visit into several posts to enable you to see and experience everything better. Plus, I can post more pictures this way. Up today are the birds, fishes, and touch tanks as well as some invertebrates.


Bald Eagle flying overheadIMG_4809

pretty flowersIMG_4852

The resident Giant Pacific OctopusIMG_4854

A decorative pondIMG_4861


anemone IMG_4893

anemone in the touch tankIMG_4883

grumpy ol’ crabIMG_4898


jelly fishIMG_4869

Jelly Fish picture that turned out amazing!IMG_4911

Tufted Puffin


Crested puffin nestingIMG_4912

this puffin was debating if he wanted to jump or not. He kept creeping up to the edge and chickening outIMG_4917

…There he made it!IMG_4916

He was quite proud of himself

Coming up will be aquarium posts about harbor seals, sea lions, and the mysterious critter. Stay tuned.



Guess This Critter – Oregon Edition

So I still haven’t been able to sort and edit all of the pictures from the Oregon trip. The last three days have been really busy with unpacking, laundry, work catch-up, and sundry other activities. Plus, I have been exhausted and going to bed early. This weekend I plan on editing the rest of the photos and getting caught up. In the meantime, here is a preview picture from our trip to the Oregon Aquarium. Can you guess what critter is coming over to say hi?

Guess This Critter 07-19-2013

Stay tuned next week for the post revealing who the mysterious critter is.


Oregon Trip – Part 1

We made it back safe and sound from the Oregon Coast. It was a whirlwind trip and I can’t wait to do it again next year. Friday morning we were on the road by 7:30AM and it took us about 11-12 hours to make it to the campground. On the way, we made detours and brief stops to stretch our legs. A bicycle store in Portland was a bit of heaven for about an hour as we explored the goodness. Another stop, gifted our taste-buds the delicious nibbles of real honest-to-goodness Tilamook Ice Cream!

When we arrived at camp, the four of us started the weekend off right with roasted hot dogs on the fire. After supper, we went about setting up the trailer for the night. Turns out, the new air mattress with included air pump didn’t include batteries for the pump. Apparently, someone didn’t read the extra extra fine print “…batteries not included“. Mr. Tux, Tuxley, and I all loaded up in the Pilot at 9:30pm to go find batteries, a camp light, and some snacks. Oh the fun we had. Eventually, our bed was all set up, the lights were working, and we were ready to settle in for the night.

Here are the pictures from the drive over. Please note, the picture quality will be a bit lower since I took them instead of the fabulous photographer, Mr. Tux.


Zeus helped us pack…he had to inspect everythingIMG_4736





We drove through some ugly country







Mt. Hood



I am still working on sorting and editing the rest of the pictures. Stay tuned for Day 1 at the beach and Day 2 at the Oregon Aquarium, as well as a special post dedicated to Tuxley.


{Happy Monday}

Happy Monday from a park loving Doxie. I have been loving all of this series of photos from the park (as you can tell since they have been the happy Monday photos for several weeks now). This one is did a fabulous job of capturing Tuxley in a moment of calm.



Weekend-ing on the Coast

By the time you read this, Mr. Tux, Tuxley, and I will all be loaded up in our Pilot and off on a grand adventure to the Oregon Coast. We are getting to spend two fabulous days there as part of our yearly tradition of vacationing on the Oregon Coast with Lobstermom. This year, Tuxley is going with us and I can’t wait to introduce him to the ocean. Mr. Tux is taking his good camera and I am after tons of adorable Tuxley on the beach pictures. The Oregon Coast holds special meaning to me as it’s where Mr. Tux proposed to me on the beach so many years ago. Going back is always a wonderful walk down memory lane. Plus, this year we will make new memories camping with Tuxley. I wonder what he will think of sand and sea water and sea waves.


I have a post scheduled for Monday and will be back blogging like normal Wednesday. Maybe, I will even have some pictures ready to show you. Have a great weekend everyone. I am off to relax, party, and eat fish and chips with my family.



Tuxley Bikes 25 In Style

Last Thursday, the Tux family celebrated the 4th of July in style and ventured out on our annual ride. It was the first long ride with Tuxley in the trailer and everything went smoothly. Tuxley spent the whole ride popping his head up in down through the sun roof. He looked like a gopher or meerkat the way he kept jumping up to see what was out there. His ears flapped in the breeze. His tongue hung out the side. His paws draped casually over the trailer edge. He made quite the picture of Dachshund cuteness riding along.




Overall, the trailer is everything we hoped for and even more. It does an amazing job containing our energetic doxie and he seems to love watching the scenery. With his water-bottle on the back and his 20ft leash ready to give him exploring room on stops, Tuxley is ready to face the great outdoors on cycling adventures with us. Now the only thing missing are his “doggles”.