Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups – A Pinterest Adventure

I have been in a cooking mood lately and I have been really enjoying browsing Pinterest for tasty, colorful dishes and recipes. One recipe I have had my eye on for months finally made it from my wish-list and into fruition in the kitchen. I went back to get the pin and follow it to the recipe, only to discover the blog/link no longer exists. Bother! Fiddlesticks! Balderdash! Plan B was this recipe I found on Allrecipes. The recipe turned out to be easy to follow and quick to make! I have fallen in love with it and have made it several times now. It will become part of my go-to list for company and parties. Here are the obligatory cooking pictures.










Keep cooking everyone!












Ducks Galore

Saturday evening Mr. Tux and I took Tuxley for a walk in our favorite local park. Tuxley spent the entire time distracted by playing kids, dogs, people, cyclists, and ducks. He went nuts trying to sniff everything and issuing suspicious woofs liberally. While there, Mr. Tux snapped some amazing pictures of the resident ducks. In the large pond, there as a plucky little duckling. He explored and swam around the entire edge of the pond by himself. Six to eight feet behind him swam worried mom. So cute! So fluffy! So SQUEEEE!!

























Oh the cuteness!! I just want a fluffy duckling to cuddle, hug, and squeeze. SQUEEE!!!!


10 things…the Perks of a Husband Engineer/Nerd

  1. My computer has never run so smoothly or efficiently before
  2. Free tech support in exchange for kisses
  3. Organized music files that will play on any computer in the house!
  4. A custom-built Linux desktop that does way more than I will ever need
  5. I have the awesomest photos for my blog
  6. Home theater PC that lets us watch Youtube and AmazonPrime from the comfort of our couch
  7. My office is looking more and more nerdy
  8. I can play Sims for hours and he doesn’t care because he is playing his own games
  9. Our house has a great sound system to blast all our our organized music on
  10. He is willing to teach me things like Version Control and answer all of my questions
  11. And Bonus (because I can): we have our own personal chat server


Weekend Adventuring

Mr. Tux and I have been very fortunate this summer to not be very booked on the weekends. Oh, don’t get me wrong, during late May/early June we were busy with graduations, family and friends visiting, and sundry other activities. But the last couple weekends we have managed to enjoy ourselves and take time to explore the local sites and sounds. The weekend of June 8/9 we stepped out of our comfort zone and went Hiking. We took Tuxley with us, and hiked a trail in a nearby state park. This was a trail complete with real dirt, bugs, bushes, weeds, trees and assents and descents. It was the longest “hike” Mr. Tux and I had ever been on together in our entire time together. Now don’t get me wrong, we walk loops around local parks and neighborhoods, but we do not hike! Outdoorsy is not something we enjoy too much or do very often, but hiking a state park trail was one of the dates I devised for us to do this summer. We loaded up the Pilot with waters, leashes, and Tuxley. We were Adventuring!

The hike went surprisingly well. Tuxley seemed a bit unsure of the dirt trail and the weird new smells, but he warmed quickly to the idea and spent the entire hike in the front zig-zagging around. What he would not do, however, was set one foot paw off the beaten trail. Instead, he developed this technique of planting his front paws on the trail edge, stretching his neck out as far as possible, and sniffing anything interesting. So cute! We laughed watching him try to stretch farther and farther without leaving the safety of the trail. Overall the hike turned out to be a brilliant success and we plan on going again.

Hiking is not the only thing we have been up to lately. This last weekend, Mr. Tux and I crossed another first off our list and went to a local farmer’s market for the first time. We wandered about watching marimba players, looking at food booths, and inspecting goat milk soaps. Quite the experience. We purchased delicious, fresh artisan sourdough bread, and crescent rolls. All were consumed rapidly. Tasty!! We will be returning again soon I am sure. Locally, there are two farmer’s markets a week, and we are hoping to start getting some of our fresh produce from both weekly from now till September/October. Sadly, the fresh raspberries were sold out by the time we arrived. Next time, they will be my first stop.

And now, just so you don’t think I forgot to post any pictures, here are the pictures of Tuxley taken on our hike at the local state park.


so close yet so far



oh the smells!!IMG_4387

serious sniffsIMG_4389

the view along the trailIMG_4391

oohh a creekIMG_4393

must stretch more…IMG_4394

almost, almost, there!IMG_4395

the gorgeous trailIMG_4396

the view from the topIMG_4406

we made it!IMG_4404

one tired, happy puppy!





Cooking with Mr. Tux – Carne Asada

While we were in Seattle a few weeks ago, MonkeyRacer created an amazing dish – Carne Asada. I had never had it before, but Mr. Tux absolutely loves it and raves about how MonkeyRacer makes the best Carne Asada around. Apparently, Trader Joe’s has the best Carne Asada meat around. The food was delicious.

When we returned from Seattle, Mr. Tux got a bee in his bonnet to try making it again. We hunted in several grocery stores before we found meat in a local Safeway. Success! Along with the meat, we bought lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, onions, green bell pepper, and tortilla shells. The Tux’s were ready to conquer Carne Asada. Now my task was to prepare all the fresh veggies and anything that needed sliced and diced. The frying of the meat and sautéing the onions and pepper fell to Mr. Tux’s extremely capable hands. The outcome – delicious!














I definitely loved the tasty meal. And now that I have written this post, I am definitely craving Carne Asada, or at the very least beef fajitas. Hmm, I may need to convince Mr. Tux to cook.



Frolic and Play

With the weather finally looking up and acting like summer, we took time off last weekend while Lobstermom was visiting to enjoy our backyard. Remember our backyard, the one we worked for what seems like ages on fencing last summer. Well, we are actually enjoying it this year. Mr. and Mrs. Lobstermom, Mr. Tux, myself, and the three dogs – Tuxley, Bentley, and Beau – spent a relaxing time in the fenced yard. Tuxley raced in circles around everyone, and completely wore the other two dogs out just watching him. Mr. Tux managed to get some fabulous shots of Tuxley being a Doxie frolicking and playing though, ,even with all the flying tongue and ear.


Bentley explores the new scentsIMG_4242

ever wonder what it’s like to have a fearless dachshund charge you?…wonder no moreIMG_4243

just look at those flying earsIMG_4246

Here comes the dog…fast and braveIMG_4260

I think I will sit here and enjoy the grassIMG_4295

I can look handsome, mom. Where’s my treat?IMG_4272

so regalIMG_4273

Those eyes!! Squee! I melt.IMG_4298

Mommy’s little merekat-doxieIMG_4275

sexy and I know itIMG_4300

oh hi, you have a cameraIMG_4322

serene and peaceful…the calm before the stormIMG_4278

one last dapper Tuxley picture

We had a glorious time in the backyard, and I can’t wait to do it again. This summer I am trying to get outdoors with Tuxley and take him more places with us. We went on a two mile hike this last Sunday, and have plans for more jaunts into the wide world. July can’t come fast enough! I am looking forward to seeing Tuxley’s reaction to the Oregon Coast and the Pacific Ocean and the sandy beaches.




{Happy Monday}

Earlier this Spring, I planted a bunch of colorful pansies in a ceramic pot on our back patio. Those pansies are flourishing nicely and blooming brightly. The leaves have filled out and the pot is brimming with blossoms.

06-07-2013Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous!?! I love seeing their beautiful colors every morning, and I look forward to seeming them all summer.


Baked Stuffed Rigatoni – A Pinterest Adventure

Now that Summer is practically here, and Mr. Tux is finished with school for the semester, I am finding more things to fill our time. One way, Mr. Tux and I are spending our time this summer, is by cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. We have been making various Pinterest recipes as well as other dishes that we find in cookbooks. Last weekend I tried my hand at another recipe on Pinterest, Skilled Baked Stuffed Rigatoni. I tweaked the recipe again, using a Pyrex baking dish instead of the cast-iron skillet in the recipe. I also didn’t use the goat cheese, since I can’t stand the taste. Overall, the pasta turned out amazing, but the work it takes to stuff each individual shells isn’t worth the effort. Here are the pictures of the process and the finished stuffed rigatoni.












While I cook, this is what the children do…sleep

I am going to have to do some more searching on Pinterest to find some more recipes to try. Something healthy and tasty.