Seattle Adventures Part 3 – Alki Beach

Sunday afternoon, the five of us adventured across Seattle to Alki Beach. Though it started out overcast, the sun came out partway through our saunter along the beach front walk. There were tons of cyclists out enjoying the weather. Mr. Tux and I were insanely jealous of the beautiful riding trails in Seattle. Totally awesome trails and scenery. Overall, Alki beach was a glorious way to finish a glorious weekend with wonderful friends. Bonus: to top of the weekend, MonkeyRacer cooked the most delicious Carne Asada for supper that night. Congratulations to him for introducing me to the meal. I am never going to be able to go back to being a vegetarian. Totally scrumptious!!














We had an amazing time exploring Seattle. Mr. Tux and I are already thinking of another Seattle Adventure to visit our friends and shopping in the big city.


Seattle Adventures Part 2 – Pike Street Market

After Mr. Tux and I explored the aquarium, we trekked up the hill and visited Pike Street Market. For those of you who have never wandered the shops and stalls in the market, Pike Street Market is a colorful conglomeration of open air stalls, tiny shops, and hole-in-the-wall knick-knack stores. This was my second time exploring the market, and I found the flowers and produce to be amazing. The flower sellers had stalls full of colorful, vibrant tulips, irises, lupines, chrysanthemums, cala lilies, and other assorted blossoms I can’t name. The flower stalls were absolutely gorgeous. Besides the beautiful flowers, the produce stalls were also a vibrant display of fruits and vegetables. The fruits and veggies were twice the size of anything we can get around here right now, and oh so delicious. The avocados Mr. Tux and I had were divine!

Here are some pictures that Mr. Tux took while we were exploring the market.









I couldn’t resist the flowers and we bought three tulips to enjoy while in Seattle. Real, honest to goodness Skagit Valley tulips. Totally delightful!!


{Happy Monday}

While touring Pike Street Market in Seattle, Mr. Tux bough me tulips from one of the open-air stalls. Not just any tulips however, real Skagit Valley tulips. Tulips I have been dreaming of for years – ever since we moved away from the Skagit Valley when I was little. Of course, I made sure he took numerous photos to preserve the awesomeness that was my tulips. Here for your enjoyment on this glorious Memorial Day weekend Monday, is a tulip picture.







Seattle Adventures Part 1 – The Aquarium

I love Aquariums. Like I FREAKING LOVE THEM! They are totally cool and I love visiting them. Granted, I have only ever been to the Seattle Aquarium and the Oregon Aquarium, but still. I love visiting them. The two highlights of every visit to me are the otters (both sea and river) and the touch pools. I love the touch pools and playing with all of the aquatic tidal sea-life. I LOVE the otters!! They are by far my favorite thing! So cute, adorable, and funny. With those adorable whiskers, shiny black noses, dainty paws, and totally cuddle-able bodies and faces, the otters are amazing. I just LOVE them!

Ok, enough about my weird obsession with otters. While in Seattle, Mr. Tux and I went adventuring to the Aquarium, and of course we had to visit the otters first! We were even lucky enough to catch the otter feeding time, and I have the videos to proof it. Besides the otters, we saw lots of adorable fishies, and explored the tidal touch pools where Kiera fingers touched sea-stars, star fish, anemones, and other assorted sea life. We had a blast! I am already counting down to our vacation to the Oregon coast this summer and a trip to the Oregon aquarium with Lobstermom. Sea lion kisses and backstage passes here we come!IMG_3905

this is the new observation ferris wheel down on the wharfIMG_3906 IMG_3907

Seattle skyline on Alaskan WayIMG_3909

The Aquarium!!IMG_3917


Look at that adorable face!IMG_3922


Love the whiskersIMG_3947

yummy shrimpIMG_3950

it’s an otter dinner partyIMG_3961

grumpy fishIMG_3967

angry fishIMG_3968

pretty fishIMG_3971

pink fishIMG_3974

this guy was so tiny and absolutely cute!IMG_3975


orange fishIMG_3981

shore bird


yay touchies!IMG_3999

anemones are stickyIMG_4000

there was a hermit crab in the touch tank!!IMG_4003

I want to touch!IMG_4004

pink anemone IMG_4006

starfish…lots and lots of starfishIMG_4007

jelly fishIMG_4016

lion fish…Mr. Tux is getting amazing at getting me awesome shots like thisIMG_4017

a weird lobster just for LobstermomIMG_4018

a baby lion fishIMG_4019

baby lion fish is so cuteIMG_4021

They had seal cookies!IMG_4022

As well as other sea life cookies! So cute

Mr. Tux and I had an amazing time exploring the aquarium. Stay tuned next time for Part 2 of Seattle – the Pike Street Market.




Home Sweet Home

We are home safe and sound. All five of us are together again in our glorious home. Mr. Tux and I had the most amazing time visiting with MonkeyRacer, Mrs. MonkeyRacer, and little Monkey. We hadn’t seen them in almost two years, and it was wonderful getting to visit them and meet the little Monkey. Besides spending time with our friends, Mr. Tux and I took time to visit the Seattle Aquarium and Pikes Street Market together as well as shopping at some awesome stores we don’t have access to over here in small-town Eastern Washington. When we were grabbing Jamba Juice for the drive home Monday morning, the girl behind the counter was shocked to discover that the nearest Ikea and Jamba Juice was Seattle. Apparently city people don’t understand that us small-town folk have to drive 5-7 hours sometimes to get to real shopping stores.

Mr. Tux and I found amazing finds at Ikea for decorating our home and we have a disaster of a house to clean up this weekend. I hope to go through our Seattle videos and pictures this weekend and share them with you sometime next week. I will try to still post regularly on Friday morning as well. I will be spending my time cleaning my house and arranging all our new treasures. For now, I am leaving you with a gorgeous picture of Seattle taken from Alki beach.



{Happy Monday}

Bonsai is making an appearance again for {Happy Monday}. I can’t believe it has been three weeks since I brought him home. Bonus points: He is still ALIVE. Shocking! He is even cuter than when I brought him home.



Hi Ho, Hi Ho It’s off to Seattle We Go

By the time you read this, Tuxley will be safely deposited at the puppy spa for a weekend of fun and games; while Mr. Tux and myself go gallivanting off on a wild adventure to the beautiful, wet, thriving, people-filled metropolis of Seattle. I am so excited. We are spending the weekend with our good friends and celebrating my birthday all in one excitement-filled, mega-shopping weekend. Monday morning we will return to the quiet, small-town suburban life with lots of pictures and great memories to share. Major locations/attractions/sites on our visit list include: Pike’s Street Marketplace, the Seattle Aquarium, Ikea, American Girl Doll Store, and a rocky beach complete with tide pools and crabs! Have an amazing weekend everyone!


Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars – A Pinterest Adventure

As I am sure you have noticed, I am a major fan of Pinterest. Originally, I was a skeptic, but I converted late last year upon discovering all of the cool ideas available for home decorating and have never looked back. Now, I am a addicted. Hello, My name is Kiera, and I am a Pinterest-a-holic.

One of the Boards I have on my Pinterest is called, Food & Entertaining, where I happily pin anything and everything food and party related. Recently, I decided to start giving recipes from there a try. With Spring here and Summer rapidly approaching, the Pin I tried as Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars. Check them out here. I backtracked the original pin to the website, printed off the recipe, and with a bit of tweaking gave it a go.

The recipe turned out to be easy to follow and fairly intuitive. In fact, these bars are nearly identical to the fruit parfait’s Mr. Tux and I love to make using Greek yogurt and our favorite fruits. However, I did substitute Zoi Non-Fat Plain yogurt for the Chobani yogurt in the recipe, frozen blueberries and mango chunks for the fresh strawberries and bananas, and 1/3 of a c. of chocolate chips instead of a 1/4 c. Since we are trying to watch what we eat more, I also chose not to do half plain, half flavored with the yogurt. Even with my tweaking, the bars turned out FABULOUSLY! Far better than I expected from a Pinterest Pin. I foresee these bars becoming a summer staple in the Tux household.









Have you had any luck trying out recipes from Pinterest? What are some of your favorites?


P.S. Can you believe Mr. Tux actually let me use his precious, clean kitchen? I am still in shock!

A Doxie with Attitude

This GIF has made its rounds on various sites including cuteoverload. The original dog, I am pretty sure, is Apple and belongs to the Youtube user: applethedoxie. If you know otherwise however, please feel free to correct me. Also, if you are wanting to see some cute videos of a doxie in action, check out Apple’s other videos. Just look at those digging paws and deep brown eyes. Such attitude. Enjoy!