Happy Anniversary Mr. Tux!

Three years ago today, Mr. Tux made the arduous trek to my apartment where he proceeded to officially ask me out. Since then we have made memories, experienced adventures, opened our home and hearts to a Doxie, and lived the best three years of my life. It seems like just yesterday he showed up on my doorstep and gave me his little speech about critters keeping him awake and endless questions and possibilities. I still remember the fear, trepidation, anxiety, adrenaline, excitement, and butterflies I felt sitting there on the floor of the living room. Waiting and wondering, what is this man trying to say?!?… That night I said I would love to in answer to his question. Three months later I said Oh F#&@ yeah to his next question. Five months later I said I Do. I have never regretted a single one of those answers and would give them again in a heartbeat.


Happy 3-year anniversary my darling Mr. Tux. Here is to many more years of adventures, memories, travels, Doxie puppies, Bengal kittens, and anniversaries.




{Happy Monday}

Happy Monday everyone! Today I have a beautiful picture of my new Bonsai tree for you. Mr. Tux and I found him at the festival on Saturday and couldn’t resist bringing him home. We will see if he survives my horrible plant-growing skills. The man we bought him from, informed me that he was, “easy to care for”, “sturdy and healthy”, and “only a year old!”. Hopefully he will live many more years in our home. Isn’t the pagoda just to die for?! I couldn’t resist the combined cuteness of Bonsai and pagoda.



Life with Bengals

Now I usually post about the wonderful, marvelous Tuxley. Lots of stories, pictures, and memories of time spent with my precious Tuxley. However, Tuxley is not the only precious furry child in our home. Mr. Tux and I also have two exotic, energetic, precocious Bengal cats. When I met Mr. Tux almost three years ago, he shared his bachelor pad with Apollo and Zeus. I had never even heard about Bengal cats, but from the moment I walked into the house and met Zeus and Apollo, I fell in love.

I fell in love with everything about them. Their expressive eyes. The way Zeus chatters and tells us about his day when we come home. How Apollo looks curled up sunning herself. Little paws reaching up over the edge of the counter, trying to steal a pen right from under my nose. The way Zeus curls up at our feet and hogs the bed. They are so full of personality, not always the best either.

Some days, they are pure evil. Zeus and Apollo will fight and tear around the house like nuts. Then twenty minutes later they are curled up together snuggling and taking turns bathing each other.


Apollo mothering ZeusIMG_0443

more cuddlesIMG_0452

beautiful kitties with beautiful eyesIMG_0980

Apollo basking under a sun lampIMG_0992

more Apollo basking in the heatIMG_1004

Apollo has some of the most exotic markings for a BengalIMG_2982

Apollo stalking a toyIMG_1657

Zeus takes his snoozing seriouslyIMG_2944



Zeus overlooks his kingdom


Apollo can’t resist a blanketIMG_2902

Zeus is suspicious of the dogIMG_2836

Apollo stole Tuxley’s bedIMG_2010

Zeus’s bat earsIMG_2985

Zeus – fearless hunterIMG_2988

Apollo caught her preyIMG_2990

frisky kittiesIMG_3024

Zeus will destroy this foeIMG_3038

Apollo is feeling her oatsIMG_3042

When she cooperates for photos, Apollo has the most gorgeous coloringsIMG_3059

Apollo surveys the world from her boxIMG_3065

the cat trap workedIMG_3317

Every morning Apollo suns herself on the living room window-ledgeIMG_3350

Zeus decided to try out Tuxley’s crate (Note: The door is open in every picture)IMG_3349

this bed isn’t too bad for a dog bedIMG_3351

oh hi, am I in your bed?IMG_3394

Apollo is so peaceful when she sleepsIMG_3396


They may not always be featured as prominently as Tuxley on this blog, but the cats are a prominent part of our life behind the scenes and we would never trade our Bengals for any other type of cat.


…and they called it puppy love…

Ok my heart just melted at the cuteness in this video. I know logically we don’t want another dog any time soon, but I must admit there is a tiny huge part of me who really really wants another dachshund puppy to love, cuddle, and share my life with. However, two cats and a dog are plenty. For now I will content myself with holding Tuxley and watching this cute video while remembering that my doxie is just as cute…and housebroke and trained completely. Still, there is nothing cuter than a doxie puppy playing.



Tuxley Turns Nurse

So early Saturday morning I came down with a nasty bug and have been fighting it ever since. Whatever this bug it, it is sucking my strength, making me feel miserable, and is accompanied by a horrid sore throat. I have spent the last four days in bed accomplishing nothing. The one great thing about being sick, however are the endless doxie cuddles that Tuxley showers on me. I may hate being sick, but Tuxley loves it when I stay home sick and he gets to sleep with me. Happy doxie.







Hopefully I start feeling back to normal and 100% here soon.



High Sea Adventures

It’s that time of year again when Mr. Tux and I start dreaming of our next cruise. In the last two years, we have cruised the Western Caribbean, Alaskan Inside Passage, and the Mediterranean. This year however, we do not have a cruise planned and we are starting to feel the hunger for ship food, room service, delightful entertainment, new friends, and adventure on the high seas.  MT and I aren’t the only ones craving sea adventures. Recently Mt’s mother, Lobstermom has been starting her phone conversations with “did you see Alaska cruises are on sale?”, “there is a special on Caribbean sailings right now”, and “I am ready for another cruise”. We have the cruising bug!

Now, just because we don’t have a cruise planned this year, doesn’t mean we aren’t traveling and taking vacations. Our trips this summer include, a trip for Mr. Tux and myself to the wonderful metropolis of Seattle/Kirkland, the yearly trip to the Oregon coast with Lobstermom, and to round off the excitment for the summer, a awe-inspiring motorcycle trip on the Harleys to Banff with Lobstermom. Lots of fun planned, yet I am still missing cruising and visiting the cool places around the world. Pictures like these bring back wonderful memories and I treasure each and every adventure Mr. Tux and I have shared on the high seas. Here are some of the highlights from our last three cruises.


Sunset on my first night at seaIMG_0478

free-range rooster in Key WestIMG_0483

baby chick in Key WestIMG_0525

Butterfly in the Key West Butterfly HouseIMG_0583

lobster picture taken just for LobstermomIMG_0650

sunning my pasty Pacific-Northwest legs in the Caribbean sunIMG_0873

exotic flower at RoatanIMG_1060

gorgeous beach in Costa Maya, MexicoIMG_1186

first taste of escargot…surprisingly yummyIMG_1718

Mr. Tux’s favorite breakfastIMG_1832

sinfully delicious chocolate cakeIMG_1891

tasty fresh saladIMG_2297

desert shotsIMG_2300

cotton candy!!…best part about the CanalettoIMG_2442

escargot again while cruising AlaskaIMG_2515

Lobstermom braves ziplining the Alaska forest in Ketchikan


the Niuew Amsterdam in VeniceIMG_7250

Venice streets at nightIMG_7721

Dubrovnik, Croatia…looking back at the Old TownIMG_7984

room-service sandwich for Mr. TuxIMG_7985

Penne pasta with chicken…oh so deliciousIMG_7987

ceasar saladIMG_7990

Mr. Tux’s and mine’s room-service picnic in GreeceIMG_8180

sudoku and crosswords in the Crows NestIMG_8318

Santorini, GreeceIMG_8340

the fearless Santorini Tiger sunning in his natural habitatIMG_8540

do not trust the innocent Santorini donkeysIMG_9464

street-performing cat and his friendsIMG_9468

look at the cute little miceIMG_9658

this is what happens when Mr. Tux and Lobstermom get bored and mess around with a camera

yo ho yo ho, a cruiser’s life for me



cleaning house

This last Friday, I came home from work and cleaned my house. Shocking I know! Now that we have the laminate, I am finding myself cleaning way more than when we had carpet. Think every day. I hate being able to see the pet fur and dusty cat prints on my furniture. While cleaning, I picked up all of Tuxley’s blankets, beds, and assorted hords of toys. Let me tell you, that dog is spoiled rotten and is not lacking. I loved having the house clean. Tuxley had a fit. He kept trying to dig toys back out of the toy-box, and when I picked up his favorite snuggle blanket, these pictures ensued.

2013-04-12 19.46.32

mom, please don’t take the blanket2013-04-12 19.46.42

I will behave…promise2013-04-12 19.46.09

my blanket accentuates my strong, German nose mom

While not the best quality, I couldn’t resist the cuteness of Tuxley trying to undermine the cleaning up of his toys and blanket.



these days

One of my favorite songs by one of my all-time favorite musical groups is the song, “These Days” by Rascal Flatts. Now I love Rascal Flatts! Ever since I first heard them on the radio at the tender age of 10, I have been in love with them. Throughout the years, their songs have touched me when I desperately needed something to hold on to the most. The song, “These Days” is one of those life-touching songs. This song seems to be the theme of our life right now. The lyrics that I am particularly fond of, (taken out of context, but their message is there) happen to be:

“…I wake up…I put on that old song we danced to and then, I head off to my job, guess not much has changed. Punch the clock, head for home…go to bed…that’s what I am doing these days…” (These Days, Rascal Flatts 2002)

That seems to be all Mr. Tux and I do these days. Between work and Mr. Tux’s class and working on the house, the last few weeks have really been more about living for May 10 than anything else. We keep saying things like: when school is out, when the house is back together, after work settles down a bit – we will cycle, work out, walk the dog more, relax. Summer is almost here and these days will be over for a while. I can’t wait!