Photo Outtakes {Behind the scenes of a doxie star}

You all got to see how sexy Tuxley looked in his glamour shots in a previous post, but what you don’t know is that many photos had to be deleted or re-taken due to misbehaving. The tongue seemed to stick out at the most inappropriate times. Paws were in the way and spread out in unfashionable ways. Ears were laying all wacky and bat-like funky. Mommy’s hand also seemed to be present in way too many photos. Ooops! It is hard work being a doxie photo star. Oh the trials and tribulations cute dachshunds must go through to look so glamorous for their human servants owners.

IMG_2643what a cute tongue…IMG_2588mommy’s hand smells so good…there must be treats…IMG_2590I will worship that glorious hand…IMG_2587oohh yummy yummy…treats…must lickIMG_2607nom nom..treats!…what is mom adjusting the tie for…IMG_2601adjusting the studly sunglassesIMG_2735OMG!!…BAT EARS

Have you ever tried to take that perfect shot, and ended up with less than glamorous shots?



Tuxley – An Emerging Model

With the arrival of Mr. Tux’s camera gear, we have been photographing the pets at an alarming rate. Because of his knowledge of sit, stay, down, wait, and s’up (sit up), Tuxley has been a most advantageous model. Unlike Apollo, who looks awful and demented in most of her pictures, Tuxley is very photogenic. Unlike Zeus, who would rather talk to the camera and rub it with his nose, Tuxley will pose patiently waiting for his favorite treats. The photos we are snapping will end up either on our blogs, or more-likely, on printed canvases in our living room and dining room. With the remodel currently going on, I am planning on displaying our photos of Apollo, Zeus, and Tuxley on canvases on the stairwell, as well as a 9×9 square of 8×10’s of the pets and Mr. Tux ‘n I in the living/dining room (I haven’t decided exactly where yet). The most recent photo shoot were glamour shots of Tuxley. However, we are working on casual pictures of the cats, portraits of Mr. Tux and myself, and of course, the all important Easter pictures of Tuxley with his Easter basket. I can’t wait!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Tuxley’s Glamour shoot:









I know saying this makes me “that crazy doxie lady”, but I will say it anyway. My Tuxley is utterly adorable, and absolutely the most handsome little man EVER! I am SO in love with my DOXIE!!!


The Burgeoning Photographer

Over the last few months, Mr. Tux has made it his priority to improve our camera gear and our home photos. When we went on our Mediterranean Cruise in Fall 2012, we tried out the Black Label photos available on the cruise. The pictures were beautiful! The pictures were awesome! The pictures were freaking’ expensive. In fact, they were about 3 times over what we had been willing to spend. I was extremely disappointed, but I refused to spend that much money on 3 bloody photos and the copyrights to them. So Mr. Tux and I put our heads together and came up with another plan. After some research and shopping, my darling husband found the necessary tripod, camera lenses, lighting equipment, flashes, and various other equipment to create his own amateur photo studio.

Now that he finally has the last of his necessary equipment, we are experimenting with our family photos. We now have awesome, professional-looking photos of our cats, Tuxley, and even ourselves and family members. My blog will be reaping the benefits as well. Mr. Tux takes all my photos, and I use the software, GIMP to do any necessary editing and add my personal watermark. Monday’s post of Tuxley is an example of the fine, high-quality photos that I am able to show off here for all of you. Stay tuned for photos from Tuxley’s first Glamour shoot as well as some adorable outtakes that didn’t quite make the cut. For now: here is a preview of some of the absolute adorableness that is to come:




Dachshund Blanket Tutorial

On a recent trip to JoAnn’s, I made the awesomest, most wonderful find in the half-off flannel section. Doxie Prints! Totally fabulous fabrics with adorable, little doxies frolicking. I fell in love with the cuteness. However, there was a problem. Some of the fabric was way to girly and feminine even for my standards for Tuxley. He may wear purple, have a pink lambie as a favorite toy, and cuddle in a flowered blanket, but the French Dachshunds were just too feminine even for me. So I came up with Plan B. Our friends own two adorable doxies themselves, and, lucky for me, they have an adorable little girl along with a handsome little man. Three doxie blankets coming right up.

IMG_2499Look at the awesome fabric!! IMG_2509Little doxiesIMG_2508I think I am in love with this fabricIMG_2505So cute…makes me want a girl doxie of my own… IMG_2503Fabric for Tito’s blanketIMG_2502Fabric for Tuxley’s blanket IMG_2501Last but not least, Moxie’s soon-to-be new blanket

To make all of Tuxley’s snuggle blankets, I use a simple pattern that I have adapted from a basic receiving blanket. It takes me about 20-25 minutes start to finish to make one of these blankets. To make a dachshund snuggle blanket you will need:

  • 2 yards of flannel (either 2 prints of your choice, or both of the same print)
  • a rotary cutter
  • a craft cutting board
  • a clear cutting ruler
  • scissors

First I wash both yards of fabric in a warm cycle to ensure that any shrinking or color running happens before I start. Once the fabric is dry, iron out all the wrinkles. This will help you immensely in the next step. After the fabric has been ironed, place fabric 1 face up on a flat surface. Layer fabric 2 on top of it face down. Smooth out all the wrinkles. The fabric should all be stretched out now and flat, right sides together. Like this:

IMG_2513blanket spread out – right sides together

Next, I fold the entire blanket in half and then half again so that the raw edges are lined up for trimming. Take your cutting mat, ruler, and rotary cutter and trim off the raw edges, making sure that the edges are completely even.


trimming the edges

Once I have the blanket square, I take a kitchen bowl round stencil and use it to round the corners. This blanket can be made with square corners, but I personally prefer how the rounded corners look. After evening out the edges, I sew along the edge of the blanket, stitching a generous 1/2 inch seam allowance. Remember: leave a 8 inch opening on one side for turning the blanket right-side out. Now that the seam has been stitched, grab the scissors and notch the round corners to ensure that they will turn smoothly. Then flip the blanket right-side out and flatten.

Next, I sew a seam around the blanket again, this time creating a 1/4 inch seam that holds the edges together and finishes the blanket. If you wanted to be more creative, you could try using binding tape, or some other ribbon to create trim. But I have found that the simple finish works best with dog blankets. Here are the finished blankets:

IMG_2529finished doxie snuggle blankets IMG_2532Moxie’s pretty new blankie IMG_2531

Tito’s blanket turned out amazing!


All wrapped up and ready for delivery

As you can see from the pictures, the edge is simply finished and the rounded corners give it a softer edge. If you have any questions on how I did a certain step, please let me know. I am sure I am missing pictures of some of the steps.

Bonus Points: Here are pictures of Moxie and Tito enjoying their new blankets, courtesy of our friends. Disclaimer: I did not take these photos and do not own the rights to them, but am getting to show them off to you with special permission.


Peek-a-boo…I see a Moxie nose IMG_0821two cozy doxies IMG_0829Tito approves

Have fun making a cuddle blanket for that special dachshund you know.



{Happy Monday}

Happy Monday from the sexy Tuxley. May your day be as snazzy as mine is all curled up relaxing in my crate dreaming of all the pretty girls I will snag with my new glamour shots. What do you think, will the cute girls approve?IMG_2745



Adventures in Decorating – Part 1

Mr. Tux and I own a wonderful 4 bedroom, 3 bath split-level house on a quiet culdesac. When I moved in over 2 years ago, it was a blank slate on the decorating front. The walls were white. The carpets were white. The window ledges were white. That didn’t last. I painted the main bathroom with blue, green, and light blue bubbles on one wall. I painted a wall in the kitchen sinful cherry red. I painted a wall in the mater bedroom Berry Charm purple. And I painted the laundry room Shoreline Green. All of the colors we picked were bright, bold, and oozed the modern feel we love. IMG_4825




Now with all these colors flooding our home and turning it into our own little mansion, you would think I would be done for a while. Nope. I had even bigger plans.

Our living room, dining room, and kitchen are all in an open, L-shaped floor plan and I was desperate to start creating separate spaces within the openness of the main living area. After much color hunting, we found the perfect color at Home Depot. Blueberry Twist was just what we wanted. We bought the paint months ago and waited and saved our pennies. The living room/dining room would be the largest project we had ever tackled. Instead of just painting a wall like all the other rooms, we would be painting a wall, ripping up the carpet, installing laminate flooring, and purchasing new furniture to replace the two ratty recliners, one basic love-seat, and the four-person dining room table. Tax rebate 2013 was it!

The couch had been found. The table and chairs picked out. The flooring style and color selected. We were ready. When the rebated came through we jumped. The furniture was order. The flooring ordered. Everything was set…then the great flooring delay happened. Home Depot called. The flooring we wanted had been discontinued and was no longer available. Would we please pick out a different flooring? Sure. Off to the store we drove, spending 45 minutes in the car wondering what we would choose. Turns out, the replacement for our original flooring was NOT what I had imagined for our home. It looked like 70’s trailer wall paneling. I was not impressed. We looked at other options. How about Spiced Apple. A little bit more expensive, but with the sale about the same price. We ordered it. Everything was set…then Hope Depot called again. Spiced Apple had a 2-3 week lead time for ordering, did we still want it. Yes we did, even if it meant storing boxes of new, un-opened furniture in our garage for an unknown period of time. Theoretically the flooring shipped this last week. We haven’t heard anything yet to state otherwise.

Last weekend Mr. Tux’s mother and step-dad came down for a visit. We used their truck and hauled our new couch, table, and chairs home. On Sunday morning, they hauled our old loveseat out of the house and loaded it into their truck for the return trip home. Then Mr. Tux and I got busy…

We posted the old table and chairs, 2 ratty recliners, and a basic end table on Craigslist. By 7pm, all four items were out of the house and we were furniture-less in our main living area. We then stripped the cat perches off the wall, masked the wall to be painted, and slapped on 2 coats of paint before collapsing in bed. Monday evening we painted a third coat, unmasked the walls, and hauled up the two corner pieces of the new couch. We needed something to sit on after all. 🙂 The wall looked gorgeous! The couch was perfect! The pets were stressed out and highly confused. By Tuesday, the cat perches were back up on the wall and we were back to waiting. Nothing else can be set up until we get the flooring. Hopefully it will arrive this coming week and we can pick it up. After we have it home, the flooring has to acclimate for 72 hours before we have installed. Hopefully by the end of next week we will be living in a house with new floors, new furniture, and new paint on the wall. Here are pictures of what we have accomplished so far:

IMG_2470the wallIMG_2476a blank slateIMG_2471our empty living roomIMG_2482the mess in the dining room…bonus: stressed petsIMG_2474Zeus hidIMG_2475

IMG_2484then he sulked…change is not something Zeus handles incredibly wellIMG_2488the masked wall ready for colorIMG_2491first brush strokes…wowza! look at that colorIMG_2511coat  two dryingIMG_2496ready for coat three.

Now I am practicing my least favorite virtue – patience – and waiting for the flooring before unpacking all the rest of the furniture and setting up my house. What do you think of the progress? It will look so totally awesome when it is finished. For now…I wait.


An Abridged 3 Months{in pictures}

Life around the Tux household has been furiously busy, loaded with adventures, and stressful. Right now my living room and dining room are torn up awaiting new flooring and furniture. But that is for another post. Let’s just catch up on the last few months. For the last 3 months we have…

frolicked in the snowIMG_1700





celebrated Tuxley’s 1st Birthday




scrapbooked our wedding…2 years late. Oops!





photo-stalked the pets






enjoyed date-night with handmade pizza




and explored the park








Soon I will be to share with you the exciting renovations on our house and my latest sewing project…doxie blankies with doxie print flannel. SSQQUEEEE!!