Christmas Cookies Part 2

After baking the 68+ cookies that we made and letting them cool, it was time to frost! I had sprinkles of every color, letter icing in four colors, neon food coloring colors, red hot candies, and cream cheese frosting. Let the icing fun begin. Though Mr. Tux did help, I ended up frosting most of the cookies.





A Dachshund cookie!



After frosting what seemed like a never ending supply of cookies, I started to get tired of it and resorted to simple frosting designs like the star above. My creativity was running low after 40+ cookies. Once they were all frosted, we boxed them up and handed them out to friends and neighbours. The cookies turned out to be entirely too delicious. The extras we dropped off at Mr. Tux’s work because we didn’t need to eat another cookie. Next year, I think we will only do one kind of frosted cookie and augment those with other varieties.

Merry Christmas! I will be busy with holidays with family and travelling. I plan on being back up and blogging full time again after the new year.



Christmas Cookies Part 1

The twelve days of Christmas are in full-swing here at the Tux household, and we are busy enjoying the Holiday Spirit. Mr. Tux and I have been enjoying the holiday lights, taking pictures of the kids dressed up in their festive gear, and baking Christmas cookies. This year, I really wanted to make and decorate Christmas cookies to fill boxes and give to friends and co-workers. After much debate and various ideas, we settled on three kinds of cookies. I am making gingerbread and sugar cookies to decorate. Mr. Tux is making chocolate chip cookies (non-traditional I know, but the only kind he likes).

As an early Christmas present, Mr. Tux got me a one-of-a-kind cookie cutter. You guessed it, a dachshund cookie cutter! It is totally awesome! I couldn’t wait to make my cookies and try out my dachshund cookie cutter.






My Doxie cookie cutter ROCKS!


Now, just so you don’t think I didn’t have serious help from the family, here is some proof of how important they found my awesome cookie making adventures to be.


Tuxley did some serious snoozing in the kitchen


Zeus decided to keep the couch warm


Apollo basked in the light from her heat-lamp

Meanwhile, I slaved away rolling out dough and cutting out shapes. Mr. Tux isn’t shown in any photos because he is the official photographer for such family adventures. He took fabulous photos like a pro while monitoring the baking cookies and taking them out of the oven when they were cooked.




Tomorrow we I will decorate the wonderful cookies, while Mr. Tux makes his delicious chocolate chip cookies with extra chocolate. We will then pack the boxes for the lucky recipients.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Christmas Cookies adventure.



My Doxie Athlete

Tuxley and I have reached the novice level of agility. Originally, we tried agility on the suggestion of our Puppy Obedience Class instructor. She kept saying how awesome Tuxley would be at agility given his level of energy and ability to learn. I decided to try the Intro to Agility class. Over the next eight weeks, Tuxley and I figured out what treats where his favorite, what obstacles scared him, and the various commands for the equipment. One thing I discovered in the first two sessions was that there is no room for pride in agility. Your dog may not listen. He may preform flawlessly one run and totally blow every contact the next. You will celebrate, talk in high-pitch exciting tones, and do anything, say anything to keep your dog interested and focused on you. As I said, no room for pride in agility.

Yet you do celebrate and have fun. Every time Tuxley preforms something right, even half right; every time he looks in the right direction or comes when called, we celebrate. Extra treats, lots of loves and praises, cuddles and kisses are showered on Tuxley. He basks in the celebrating and eagerly looks forward to his next turn.

My doxie is turning into quite the Dachshund agility athlete.


‘Tis the Season

Our Christmas tree is up in the living room, decorations cover all available places the furry kids can’t reach, and Christmas music wafts through the house. With such a festive time as a background, my attention has turned to the required Holiday sewing and crafting. Months ago I started a project quilt for Mr. Tux. He helped me choose the colors and pick out the fabric. Originally, the quilt was designed to match the master bedroom and our planned paint scheme. However, after I painted the bedroom wall a brilliant shade of purple, the quilt no longer matches. Now it is destined for a life as Mr. Tux’s personal snuggle quilt for those deliciously relaxing winter evenings cuddling on the couch.

I have spent the last 10 days or so finishing cutting the strips, sewing the blocks together, pressing the seams, and squaring the 11″ blocks. As of tonight, I have managed to get the seventy-two squares finished and laid out in rows. Maybe this coming weekend I will get around to actually sewing the squares into rows and finishing the quilt top. Here is a sneak peak of what has been transpiring in my sewing room.

Happy Holiday sewing to all of you.




Happy Birthday Mr. Tux

Today was Mr. Tux’s birthday and we celebrated in true style. We slept in! Totally glorious and absolutely worth it, or at least it was until some kid rang the door bell and shattered our peaceful slumbering. After that Tuxley wouldn’t settle back down  and we ended up getting out of bed. The day was spent relaxing and goofing off on the computer. Ok, Mr. Tux played on his tablet while Tuxley and I napped. In the evening we ran to the local, high-end grocery store with the best baking supplies (i.e. Safeway) to get the necessary ingredients for THE CAKE. Last year I surprised Mr. Tux with this cake and opened his eyes to the potential of cakes. Now Mr. Tux has been dreaming about the cake he wanted all year, and no other would do. His heart was set on a Portal cake. Now I had never heard about a Portal cake before, and unless you have some one who has played Portal I and II, then you won’t know either. Apparently it is the specific cake in the game, and the recipe for it is found in some hidden Easter Egg of computer code. Like I said, I had never heard of it. So I did some research and found this recipe for a Portal Cake. I will admit to some apprehension making this cake. However, the recipe I found was perfect and easy to follow. With a bit of patience this evening, I managed to recreate a passable version of the cake. Even Mr. Tux approved!

I do believe I am succeeding at this engineer’s wife thing after all. 🙂 Or at least as the wife of a nerd. Maybe next year I will try tackeling either a Rubics Cube or a R2D2 cake. We will see. At least the cake turned out deliciously though, and we only have to figure out how two people will eat THAT much cake.

Happy Birthday Mr. Tux!