When Mum Sews, the Dachshund…


So Tuxley runs cold. He hates to go outside in the rain. I have stood out in the pouring rain with an umbrella for 20 FREAKIN’ MINUTES before trying to get him to potty. No dice. I wasn’t very happy. To combat my cold, fickle, fair-weather pooch, I have taken to sewing for him. Sweaters, blankets, hoodies. You name it, I have probably tried it. Now I had never sewed a stitch for pets before Tuxley, but I figured how hard could it be… HAH! The first fleece jacket looked like a horse-racing silk, all bright yellow with garish purple accents. I figured there was a better way than tracing a store-bought sweater Then I thought, hey, let’s try making a hooded sweatshirt. I looked for several patterns and finally settled on this pattern that I found through Reddit. It appealed since the model was an adorable doxie. I could do this. WRONG! The first version, which I tweaked to be longer for Tuxley’s back, was so tight in the chest it wouldn’t go over his snout. So I scrapped that one and added girth to the pattern. Version 2, wasn’t much better. One more tweak though, and I had a version 3 that fit! I was thrilled. The model…not so much. Score I thought. Let’s now use the really special, cool, expensive fabric I bought to make him a final version. What I turned out is an awesome monk robe, evil cloak, and Mystery Rider (think Black Stallion movie) combo. See for your self.


That is my favorite hoodie on him! It is thin enough it fits under his harness and he can run around the house in it. Bonus points: his tweed coat will go over both harness and hoodie for extra warmth in freezing tempratures and snow. I have plans for more sweaters. Between how expensive they can be and how hard it is to find sweaters that fit a lean, mean dachshund machine, I prefer to just sew my own. Plus, I get to pick the colors and customize the outfits more.

Besides sewing dachshund sweaters, I have also started sewing blankets for Tuxley. He likes to have at least two blankets in his crate. He burrows under them and snuggles down for the day when we leave for work. I used a basic receiving blanket patter, rounded the corners, and wah-lah. Doxie blankies. Here is the one I made for his car seat. As you can tell, he LOVES it.

When I am not dressing him in sweaters or wrapping him up like a hotdot in his blankies, I am sticking him in his daddy’s old shirts.

He is one of the most patient dogs I know, and a great sport. I truly love life with my Doxie.

Who else sews for their pets? What are some of your favorite pet-related projects?