Fence Building Adventures

Mr. Tux and I have talked about putting in a fence for a couple years now, but we never followed through with our discussions. Then we got Tuxley, and it became obvious we would need a fence. Because of Tuxley we didn’t just need a normal fence, we need a Doxie-proof fence. That is where the fun began. Our back yard is HUGE and is entirely in the sun. It sucks. The project was split into two parts. The first part was the two strips on either side of the house, 24.5 ft and 32 ft respectively. After we finish those sections we will fence the final part of 73 ft.

Mr. Tux and I took time off work to pour concrete in 100 degree weather and install posts and slats in 90+ degree temperatures. Tuxley was as always an eager, if not troublesome helper. I am proud to say, we now have 2 sections of fence, and while I am typing this Mr. Tux is building and installing a gate. Now fence building with an engineer is different. They plan every single little step out, over-analyze everything, and turn out a finished product that is over-engineered and NOT going anywhere. Only a hurricane or tornado will be moving our fence.

Tuxley inspecting progress

Your building a what?!

Fence posts…It is slowly starting to look like a fence

Taking a break from all the hard labor

Fierce fence-board protector…None shall pass!

All is safe!

Completed fence…sans one gate

Tuxley has his fence

The finished product is well worth the work

We will rent a machine to bore out the next 14 holes along the 72ft section and the cement mixer to pour the concrete. The posts and slats will be put up in the evenings and on a Sunday. By the end of August we should have a completed fence.

The plan is to build a Doxie-proof dog-run inside the fence that will be complete with a dog house palace, and a gravel dig box. This way we can supervise Tuxley’s activities, and minimize his digging in my flower gardens.

For now, we are just enjoying having half the fence done. Fence building is rough labor and we will not be quitting our day jobs anytime soon.



Life with a Dachshund…Lessons I Have Learned

Tuxley is the very first Doxie that I have ever owned, or spent a ton of time around. Wow, have I been educated. There are moments when I want to strangle Tuxley and want nothing more to do with him. I can get so frustrated at his naughtiness and stubborn, rebellious nature. Yet, within 10 minutes I am falling in love all over again with those mischievous eyes and adorable face. Life with Tuxley has changed my whole world and I can never return to life before a Doxie.

Things I have taught (tried to teach) Tuxley:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Stand
  • Wait
  • In Crate
  • Come
  • Off

Things Tuxley has taught (forced me to learn) me:

  • Morning cuddles
  • Up on lap
  • Hold Me
  • Carry Me
  • Feed Me
  • Play with Me
  • Watch Me

There has been a lot more learning and adapting to having a Doxie than a puppy following the rules of the house. Mr. Tux and I have learned to compromise on our house rules. There are basic things that we are enforcing, but a ton we have given in to. Tuxley has a crate in our bedroom that he sleeps in at night, however he gets morning cuddles in bed with us every day. Tuxley can’t ride in my lap in the car. Instead, he rides in style in his doggy-car seat. Bit by bit, inch by inch, look by look Tuxley is turning the house into his domain. Even the cats cater to his needs. (Apollo will meow by the door when Tuxls is sitting there waiting to be let in the house.)

I learned over two years ago that life with an engineer is an adventure and life can never be the same. Now I am learning that life with a Doxie is a continuous adventure, and I can never go back to not having a Dachshund running my house.