Tuxley – 3 to 5 Months in Pictures

Tuxley’s First Night Home

So Shy and Scared

It’s a Big, Scary World

Oh the Smells!


No Toy will Own Me!




Now What?…

Help! It’s getting me!

Sexy Tongue!

Dog from the hood

Sexy and I know it!

What’cha lookin’ at?

You can’t touch this…


Having a puppy has been a tone of work. But the fun, adventures, love, cuddles, playfulness, and curiosity have all made up for it. I am loving life with my Doxie. Once you choose Doxie, you can never go back.Thank you Mr. Tux for my special companion. I love both of the special boys in my life.


I survived!…Coming Up for Air

The last five months have been hellishly busy and insane. So much has happened and I feel like I am finally coming up for air and able to get a grasp back on life. My last semester of school was hectic and had me scrambling to stay on top of homework in such classes as advanced financial accounting and micro-economical theory and analysis. Between class and work, I have not had time to craft, read, or even get on here and write a simple post.

Lots of exciting things have happened. I graduated with my degree in accounting and accepted a position as a contracts clerk. I love my job! It is not a job in accounting, but it is one that I love and am excited to go to work every day. Going to work full-time and not having to go to class and do homework has been quite a change for me. I am still struggling with the whole new job thing and being totally exhausted. The first couple weeks I could barely stay awake until 7pm, would fall into bed, and drag myself up again for a new day at 6:30am. It was rather depressing. I had all these grand plans of cycling, quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, and puttering around the yard. Instead, all I seemed to be doing was sleeping. However, I am starting to adjust and be able to do the things I wanted to do. Wednesday I was even able to do a 22 mile bike ride.

Another exciting thing in the Tux family world, is the addition of a puppy. Mr. Tux bought me a puppy for my birthday. He is a tri-colored dapled minature dachshund and is 5 months old now. I named him Tuxley after the Linux penguin and my Mr. Tux (who actually let a dog into our cat-only home). Having a puppy has been really interesting, fun, and challenging. This is the first dog that has actually been mine and I have had to learn how to potty-train, train, and handle an energetic puppy. The first couple weeks were HORRIBLE. So bad in fact, that I was convinced we had made a mistake. We were getting about 4-5 hours of sleep. It was like life with a newborn. The first couple weeks with Tuxley, have Mr. Tux and I convinced that we do not want kinds ANY time soon. In fact, between Tuxley and the cats, our house seems full and busy. There are dog toys covering the floor and strewn all around the house. Our nights are full of cats running up and down the halls and a dog whining to go outside at all hours. Now that Tuxley is older, life with him is settling down and we have established a routine.

Now that I am officially¬† done with school, working full time, and catching up on my sleep, I am hoping to start posting here more. Some of the posts I have in mind include: Introducing Tuxley, building a new desktop computer, and things I am loving now that I don’t have school.