Quilting, Sewing, and much more…

I have been bitten by a quilting/sewing bug. I spent Christmas break sewing a awesome quilt top from fat quarters of fabric. After making that quilt top, I discovered that it wouldn’t work for a baby gift for one of my co-workers. (It didn’t have the right colors.) So I did what any quilter would do, I ran back to the store and made another quilt that fit their nursery colors. I cut the strips, sewed the squares, pieced the top, and tied the quilt all in one day. However, I have now reached my detested part of sewing. I have to handstitch the binding now. I HATE hand-stitching. In fact, I detest it so much that I will pay someone else to hem my dress pants for work. I will not hand sew unless I have no other choice. So I have until mid-February to finish hem stitching the quilt.

Besides the two quilts I made in the 3.5 weeks of my break, I also made two recieving blankets as a gift for some friends. I am now inspired to sew a few more, and since the flannel was 50% off at our local fabric store, I splurged. I got enough fabric to make 4 more blankets. I will post those pictures another time.

Here as promised are pictures of my stripe quilt, both versions.

Original Stripe Quilt:

Pink Fabrics

Purple Fabrics

Blue Fabrics

16 Fabrics

Finished Squares All Set Out

Finished Quilt

Finished Quilt Top


Stripe Quilt for Co-Worker:

Fabric Selection

16 Fabrics

Favorite Purple Square

Favorite Pink Square

Favorite Green Square

Quilt Top

Finished Quilt Top

Finished Quilt: Front and Back

I hope you enjoy the quilts as much as I enjoyed making them. I hope to have the blanket pictures up within the next week. Since the semester is in full-swing my posting will be a bit more irregular.  However, Mr. Tux is thinking of guest posting, which should be an interesting treat…I think. 🙂



Happy Holidays: An Update from the Tux Family

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!…eight days late. It has been a wile crazy last month and a half. I finished out my next to last semester, while Mr. Tux finished his 3rd semester of his masters program. Over the Christmas break we have travelled to three separate family gatherings for Christmas, gone business wardrobe shopping in the city, rearranged and organized the entire upstairs in our home, and still managed to work full time during the week. Zeus had an acute attack of what we believe was chronic pancreatitis; and spend a weekend in luxury accommodations at the local vet. While he was gone, Apollo basked in the glory of being an only cat with the run of the place to herself. However, much to her dismay, Zeus has made a full recovery and is safely at home and up to his old pesky tricks.

This week I will start back to school to finish up my last semester of my undergrad. I am already counting down until graduation and looking forward to a summer of working and cycling. Over the weekend we had Brynn over for a visit, and enjoyed some quality relaxing before school starts up again. In between all of the house cleaning and arranging, as well as the travel and work, I have managed to find time to sew together a quilt top. I have pictures of the process that I am planning on posting after the quilt is finished. It is a lovely design and has bright pinks, purples, and blues throughout the pattern.

Another thing we did in the month and a half since Thanksgiving is celebrate Mr. Tux’s birthday in style. He was treated to a 1980’s/nerd theme complete with costumes and a matching cake. Here are some pictures:

Birthday cake with cassette tape decorations

Every nerd needs a Pac-Man cake

Pac-Man Adventure Zone

I created Pac-Man themed invitations from scratch (I lost the one I kept…so no pics right now). The cake was inspired by pictures I saw online and re-designed to fit my purposes. Mr. Tux was thoroughly surprised and loved his Pac-Man cake in all of it’s chocolatey goodness. I am thinking maybe next year a Star-Wars themed cake is required…we will see.

Overall we have been supper busy and always on the go. I will update soon on how our home office has turned into the perfect shared escape with room enough for Mr. Tux and his camera and computer stuff, while allowing me to have my computer, scrapbooking, crocehing and knitting, and even my quilting things out and about.

Here’s to wishing you and your a very happy new year from all of us at ~Tales from an Engineer’s Wife~