In the Spirit of the Season – 10 Things…

…I am thankful for:

1. Mr. Tux: I am very thankful for his warm  body to cuddle on the cold nights

2. Zeus and Apollo: The kitties brighten my life and bring laughter to our home

3. A well-working, dependable vehicle for driving in the snow

4. A fun, fast-paced job that I love

5. Our warm house

6. My best friend Brynn – She brightens my day and is always up for an adventure

7. That I haven’t been miserably sick so far this semester (knock on wood)

8. That I am GRADUATING in May!

9. Family and friends

10. Mr. Tux’s nerdy skills: my computer and sound systems have never run so good before in my life. (Note to others: marry a nerd and your computer will always work!)