Oh the Joys of Scheduling

Guess what time of the semester it is?… No, not midterms or finals. For the last two weeks and continuing all next week is class advising. This requires a poor miserably stressed student to schedule an adviser meeting and figure out a class schedule. Now I being myself I got into see my adviser the second day advising opened up, spent all of 4 minutes proving to my adviser that I was going to take all the “required” classes for graduation in May. I walked out with my account hold removed and the knowledge that the schedule and classes I had found would work.

However, there have been gliches to my perfect plans within the last week. The first gliche came with the option to take an advanced prose writing class opened up. Now this made me so excited; however, it would increase my workload. The class fit my schedule; I was just leery about taking both technical writing and advanced prose, after all, even though I love english/writing classes, I do not have the time necessary to completely succeed at all five of my classes this next semester.

I hate not knowing my schedule. I hate dealing with unknowns. Scheduling for classes I have never heard of, like intermediate micreconomical analysis, is just painful. Much to Mr. Tux’s dismay, I have been stressing about this for 3 days! And I still don’t have a real decision! On the brighter side of life, I have come up with the perfect, nerdy yet uniquely fun idea for Mr. Tux’s birthday party. It will be awesome; it is a surprise theme party, not a surprise party. I will have to post the pictures when I am done. You can look forward to those sometime after the first weekend in December.

In other news: Mr. Tux and I will celebrate our first anniversary right before Christmas and in honor of that, I will stray from my normal cold-hearted world and post something romantic and soft. Look forward to the awesomeness!!


Still Alive….barely

Wow! Can you believe that it has been over a month since I posted? Sadly, I can. Between work, school and family situations I have been a horrible, slacking excuse of a blogger. The last two weeks have been busy with midterms, and I still have one more major project due. My Sunday will be spent in two team meetings for projects, then I will be marching myself to the Law Library and hunting through numerous volumes of books I have never heard of, just to research and write a tax paper. Sounds like fun hunh?! I can’t wait….

So being married to an academic nerd has definent bonuses; it also has some weird downsides. Before meeting Mr. Tux, I was a happy go-lucky student with no real academic drive. I was happy with average and the bare minimum of studying. However, that happy student has been ruined; replaced with a studious person spending way to much time with her head in an accounting book. For example, Tuesday I took a 3 hour evening exam for Intermediate Financial Accounting and Reporting. Old Kiera would have studied for only about 3-4 hrs total. Instead I spent 5 hrs on Monday and 5 hrs Tuesday studying and putting together my test note card. That is at least 10 hours of studying!! FOR ONE BLOODY TEST! I am ruined!

Lesson Learned: Do NOT date and marry a nerd with academic tendencies unless you are willing to take the risk of being pushed to the dark side of academia. Trust me; I am a perfect example.

P.S. I still love you Tux!