The Cats: Otherwise Known as…Little Jerks

No home would be complete without pets, and ours is no different. Zeus and Apollo are practically our children. Mr. Tux and I spoil them rotten. Tuxley had the cats before he met me, and when we got married I not only got an engineer. I also inheirited his annoying, inquisitive, mouthy pets. It is a good thing that I am a cat person, otherwise it would be hard to forgive 5 am wake-up calls and nightly chattering. No matter what we still love the cats and think of them as our children. Apollo is shy and not a fan of cameras, so pictures of her are harder to come by. Zeus is a people cat and loves any and all attention he can garner. One of his favorite activities is helping his mom and dad pack. The following pictures are from Labor Day weekend. They are of Zeus’s attempt to help us pack. Enjoy!


Apollo was bored with the whole affair…

Zeus was thrilled!

This is part of the baggage for the Harley…

All 12.5 lbs of Zeus fit quite nicely!



Do any of you have pets that like to help pack?


Labor Day Weekend – Glacier

For Labor Day weekend, Mr. Tux and I went on a motorcycle road-trip. It is a tradition in his family to do one last motorcycle adventure Labor Day weekend. This year we went to West Glacier National Park with Lobster-mom and her husband. Friday afternoon, we rode the Harley almost 200 miles to Lobster-mom’s house and spent the night. Saturday morning the four of us got up early and headed to West Glacier. Sunday we spent driving the Road to the Sun. It was gorgeous sunny weather. Monday morning we left early, and Mr. Tux and I drove nearly 500 miles to get home. It was freezing cold when we left, and by the time we got home it was over 94 degrees and  sweltering. Overall it was a great trip. The Harley rolled over to 20,000 miles, and we put 950 miles on the bike in four days. Here are a few select pictures from the amazing weekend. Enjoy!  ~Kiera

The Road to the Sun

Almost to the Top of Logan’s Pass

Looking Down from Logan’s Pass

Mountain Goat at the Top of a Waterfall

Alpine Meadow


River Running to Lake McDonald

Crystal Clear Pool


Adventures in Alaska

Leaving Vancouver, B.C.

Inside Passage

Food for Dutch High Tea

Glacier on a Mountain in Tracy Arm Fjord

Lady Baltimore on Mt. Roberts

The Zuiderdam from Mt. Roberts

Wild Flowers

Snow-Blower Engine on Display

Harbor Seal Enjoying His Salmon

The Original White Pass Trail – Trail of ’98

Summit of White Pass

A Glacier in Glacier Bay

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! We loved Alaska and a blast adventuring.