Adventures in the Kitchen – Cupcakes

As some of you know, Brynn is living up here this school year. We are having tons of adventures, including study parties and zumba class fun. Well Saturday, she came over and we celebrated her birthday! In honor of the event, I broke down and actually baked. For Christmas Mr. Tux and I were given a book of creative cupcake recipes and we decided to try a design. These pictures are a brief glimpse into the excitement we had.

For those of you who know, I hate cooking and rarely do it. I swore that I would marry and man who cooked so I wouldn’t have to. Would you believe it, Mr. Tux loves to cook. Since we got married, I have cooked a grand total of maybe 8 meals. Now that isn’t much for having been married roughly 9 months. Heaven help us when I actually have to start cooking. Anyway but I digress. So we baked  and decorated a cupcake cake for Brynn. Enjoy the pictures, then go find yourself a snack. I know I am getting hungry just posting these. 😛


First Day of the Next Nine Months…

Today is the first day of my SENIOR year!! Come next May I will be graduated with a full time job and the promise of no more classes for a long, long time. I have over 16 credits this semester and will be working at least 10 hrs a week on top of my studies. This semester my class list features such hits as: Auditing, Advanced Financial Accounting, Tax Law Code, and…..ZUMBA!! Yep I am going to try to join and figure out what this dancersize craze is all about, so for two days a week I am going to go make a fool of myself and give Zumba my all. It promises to be major fun.

The school year promises to be even better because Brynn has officially moved up here and is going to the same university. We will be having grand adventures and spending time doing everything but studying.

In other news, Mr. Tux and I had an amazing time on our Alaskan cruise. We took over 3.6 gigs of pictures, not counting at least that many Lobstermom took. I am working on editing a few select favorites, but it may be a bit before you see them posted on here. Hopefully before Labor Day I will have my Alaska post up.


We are…North to ALASKA…Bound!

Hello to all my faithful readers…(ok my mom 🙂 ) Mr. Tux and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a 7-day Alaskan cruise on the Inside Passage. We are driving over to Vancouver B.C. tomorrow and boarding the boat Saturday morning. This will be our second cruise this year, and our first with Mr. and Mrs. Lobstermom. Going with us is the guest of honor, the life of the party, Mr. Tux’s grandma – Miss Violet herself. This will be Miss Violet’s first cruise and she is excited and thrilled. We will have a blast.

Some of our plans for the week include: sip-lining, train rides, shopping, formal meals, and the evening shows. Mr. Tux and I took dancing lessons in July just so that we could dance and fulfill a promise we made each other. When we were cruising in March on our honeymoon, we decided that the next time we went cruising, we wanted to be able to dance. Now we are going to!!

I will have no internet and no cell phone coverage starting tomorrow, but I promise to drink a few drinks, dance the night away, and have a general good time while thinking of all of you stuck back here on land. I will be back with pictures sometime after the 13th.

Off to have a smashing time,