Weekend Adventures…

I am officially finished with my 6 weeks of summer class. So, so so glad to be done with Business Writing and Commercial Law. My evenings are now my own again and I can crochet and quilt more. In celebrating my finishing classes, Mr. Tux and I have celebrated this weekend. We made home-made pasta, went to church, played Oblivion, slept in, and even got a couple rides in.

Last night we biked 10.2 miles along the trail, and this morning we biked 14.3 miles in the Valley. The weather has actually been nice enough to allow for riding. It was fabulous cycling weather. Besides getting to try out my new cycling shorts, I have gotten to enjoy earrings this weekend. Six weeks ago I got my ears pierced and finally was able to switch them out. Yesterday I wore the pair of emerald hearts that were my Valentine’s Day gift, and today I have cute little silver flowers in. I am loving pierced ears.

In about 3 weeks we are taking off for a family vacation with Lobster Mom. Mr. Tux and I will take the Harley down and spend a week on the coast with his mom and step-dad. We are going kayaking, horse-back riding, and probably geo-caching. This return trip to the Oregon coast is extra special since it is there that Mr. Tux proposed on the beach. It will be fun to go back and revisit the fun memories.

10 Things I Love About…


1. College students leave, and everything goes quiet. So peaceful and relaxing

2. No classes or homework….now isn’t that a college kid talking 😛

3. Cycling with Mr. Tux

4. The smell of freshly mowed lawns…(or maybe I just like seeing Mr. Tux work and sweat…hmm)

5. Little League Baseball teams in their uniforms

6. Long daylight hours, I feel like I can get more accomplished

7. Backyard barbeques with family and friends

8. Picnics in the park

9. Getting a tan (or trying to get one…Mr. Tux likes pale skin…horror of horrors I know)

10. Flip-flops – there is nothing better in the summer than comfy, cute flip-flops. I love the sales!!


It’s Friday!! One of my favorite days of the week because it signals the arrival of the weekend. I have spent this one cleaning….

Yes! I have actually been cleaning. I am not the perfect housewife by any stretch of the imagination. I tend to let my laundry piles get too high, wait to clean the tub, and generally have stuff out all over. However, today I have buckled down and accomplished a ton. I have laundry almost done, the house picked up, and, (miracles of miracles) I deep cleaned the bathroom. The house has been aired out, and various cat toys have been picked up! I feel accomplished 🙂

The reason for all of this frantic cleaning….the in-laws are visiting. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mother-in-law, Lobster Mom and her husband, but that doesn’t mean I am letting them visit a house that is a disaster. So I cleaned. Afterall my mom taught me well. I remember very well having to clean the house every Friday for Sabbath, as well as any time company was coming. Now, I did both in one morning/afternoon.

Now that the house is clean, I can relax and enjoy all the activities planned this weekend. This afternoon, I am meeting Lobster Mom at the bike store here in town. After Mr. Tux gets off work, the plan is to go out to eat. In honor of my b’day a bit late, I am choosing….burgers and cross-cut fries. Delicious. Tomorrow, we are taking the bikes out on the trail and riding at least 14 miles. After the ride, we are planning on going out for Thai. Overall it will be a fun-filled weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!



After over a month of no bicycling because of school, work, wrist surgery, travel, and bad weather, I got to ride Eowyn this evening. It was positively GLORIOUS!! I had never ridden a road bike. Wow! What I have been missing. Riding Eowyn is unlike riding any other bike. She is a jumpy live-wire that is quick and nimble. I am in love with her. It was a truly exhilarating adventure.

We rode along the paved trail here, 2 miles out and 2 miles back. That was all my still-healing hand could handle. For the first 2 miles I was still trying to figure out how everything worked. Coming back however I totally found my groove. I hunkered down, clipped into my pedals and averaged 20 mph the whole way back with high speed of 21 mph!!! I have NEVER been able to go that fast and maintain it before. My FX is nothing like the 4.5 road bike. They are two completly different classes of bike.

Ironically, after that ride I have come to a realisation….I am totally hook-line-and-sinker caught up into cycling. The feel of the wind, the stretch of my leg muscles, the exhilaration that comes from each new achievement is totally worth it! I am a cyclist….