Introducing the newest addition….

…To Our Bicycle Collection!!!


EOWYN is my new snazzy road bike!!She is a Trek Madone 4.5 WSD. Eowyn had custom handle bar tape installed in black. When I am done upgrading she will have Shimano SPD pedals that are dual sided, (the clip side is always facing up), and black. I am so very excited! I can’t wait to take her out for a spin and see how fast this girl can fly. One really cool feature on the bike is that she is doutrap compatible. So yes, I have a duotrap installed and am sporting a Node 1 bike computer that even tracks my cadence.

I want to thank my mother-in-law, Lobster Mom, for coming up with the perfect name. Eowyn is a spin on a character name from Lord of the Rings and seems to capture everything I wanted in a name for this beautiful bike. The name is feminine and girl, yet strong and courageous. I like to thing there is an inner-strength coursing through her lines.

EOWYN. My new pride and joy. My baby.

Beautiful Lady – Eowyn

Enjoy! Try not to drool too much!!


Spring Babies – 2

So I am just getting around to editing some of the pictures I have taken the last month, and I found this one. Mr. Tux and I went to my parents for Mother’s Day weekend. We had an amazing time visiting, barbecuing, and celebrating Mother’s Day combined with my little brother’s and my birthdays, which fall the weekends before and after Mother’s Day. While there, I got to spend lots of time cuddling and playing with this adorable spring baby.


Baby Guinea Pig

This little guy was an unexpected surprise. He was about 2 weeks old when we were down. My brother had no idea his Guinea Pig was pregnant, after all she was a little baby when he got her. It was so much fun playing with him. Zipper was rather vocal and didn’t like to be held nearly as much as I held him.

I just LOVE spring babies!!

Much Apologies

I apologise to all of you (my total of two readers 🙂 ). I haven’t written in FOREVER! For that I am very sorry. It has been a hectic last couple of weeks.

I had wrist surgery Wednesday the 18th, and have been sporting a brace on my right hand ever since. Besides being drugged up from pain meds, I am also taking two summer classes and started working again this last Monday. Between all that is going on, I haven’t had time to stop by and post. Don’t worry, I have missed all of you. I kept thinking, I should write. Well finally I am taking advantage of my 3-day weekend and posting and updating the blog. If you check out the About Me section, I now have contact information up. Please feel free to comment and contact me. I would love to hear from any of you!

I have many great post ideas in the works and have plans to start updating regularly now that it is summer. Some of those posts include: the new addition to the Tux family, Sinfully red heels, and my list of 101 for 1001 days. Stay tuned for more.


Adult Supervision

I can officially cruise WITHOUT adult supervision!!!

Ok, I know that sounds really weird, so let me explain…

In March, Mr. Tux and I spent our spring break on a Caribbean cruise. It was totally awesome and an amazing honeymoon. However, I was NOT 21. This meant that I technically needed to be accompanined by adult supervision, in this case, my husband of three months. It was a sore spot in my life. Rubbed me wrong and slightly insulting.

NOW I am 21!! My friend commented on my facebook and said, “Happy birthday. Now you can cruise without adult supervision!!” That comment completely made my day.

It was the great feeling in the world knowing I am now legally able to do anything. I can go to bars, buy a gun, lose the under 21 on my driver’s license, and CRUISE WITHOUT SUPERVISION!!

Oh yeah baby!!! 😛