Spring Babies – 1

So today Mr. Tux and I went to the Arboretum here by us. We spent about an hour walking around and enjoying the weather. It was a high of 52 here, which is great considering it snowed yesterday…what an April we are having here in the Pacific Northwest. I must admit that the walk wasn’t actually just a spur-of-the-moment thing. I had an Environmental Science Lab walk-through that I needed to complete, so I dragged my hubby along. The tulips and irises were up but not even budding yet. The syringa was just barely starting to leaf out. There was one sign of spring around though. While on our walk, we got to see these:

Fluffy Babies

Fluffy Goslings

They were just the cutest things!! I wanted to go catch one, pick it up, and cuddle and squeeze it in all of its fluffy baby cuteness and fluffy appeal. Mr. Scrooge however said he didn’t want to spend my bike fund bailing me out of jail and/or paying a fine….so I looked, and squealed, and was all mushy. Then I moved on. I have pictures though, and I can love those all I want! 🙂 Goslings are a great sign of spring. I will have to go back again in a couple of weeks and see them again. Hope you enjoy the signs of spring as much as I do.


10 Things I Love About…

My House…

1. I have my own bathroom!!!

2. The kitchen wall is RED

3. Polka dots in the bathroom

4. My new office space

5. The desk for my scrap-booking/quilting

6. There is lots left to decorate

7. It’s a house and not an apartment

8. I can park and the garage and not shovel snow off in the morning

9. The Little Jerks have their own room for their things

10. It’s our HOME!!

These 10 things brought to you by the bored, rambling brain of yours truly,


Handyman Engineer

This weekend Mr. Tux and I finally decided on a feasible way of arranging our house to utilize all of the space. Which was great, however, us being all gung-ho and go-gettery, we started right away. From 7:30 Saturday night until just after midnight, we pulled apart Mr. Tux’s office, and the living room. Around one we crashed into bed, and were back up again at 9:30 Sunday morning. Sunday morning we ran over to the hardware store. Only to discover that the only place open on Easter Sunday, was Home Depot down in the valley, 30+ miles away.

At this point there as no backing out…after all the house was torn apart and we couldn’t reach a thing in the living room, dining room, or what used to be the office area. Off we drove again, headed on a grand adventure. Home Depot shopping was a total success. We were able to find everything we needed and then some. The grand list included: 15 2″X4″ ‘s, 2 sheets of laminated board in white, 8 metal strips for hanging shelves in black, 24 supports for said shelves in black, and 6 shelf boards of the glorious color…you guessed it, black. Besides of this, there was the assorted screws and drill bits needed for accomplishing the project. Ironically, I think we got more for our buck at the hardware store than you do these days grocery shopping.

Once home, my handyman spent over 3 hours building the stationary desks and installing the shelves. In between that, he graciously helped me move a queen sized mattress, box spring and frame to the garage; and a twin bed set upstairs into the guest room to replace the queen bed set. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. 🙂 By 10, that evening the office was starting to look awesome. We both had our computers hooked up. And I achieved a major milestone on my road to nerdom….I set up my computer, wired the sound system and speakers to the computer, and got everything working….ALL BY MYSELF!!!! I was a happy little schmetterling!! 😛

As of now, I sit typing this post, while listening to the radio, in the new office. It is beautiful, amazing, and clean! I love the room. I have shelf and table space for my sewing, quilting, and scrap booking. Even worse, I have space to do homework….I just cried as I wrote that. Stupid homework. I should probably go do some….hmmm.

Adios Hell ~ Hola Life

I am DONE!! FREE!!! I have a life again!! For the last week my life has consisted of 3 tests and a group project (a 10 page body paper) were all due. As of 8:30 this morning I am completely done. My stress load is greatly diminished and I only have 2 full weeks of classes left. Yay! Tonight I am going to party, at least my version of a party…. I am thinking of knocking a couple things off my spring cleaning list, and maybe trying to conquer my zumba game again.

Zumba, now that is an interesting game. The sensor keeps picking up things that I don’t know I am doing which means I am advancing to harder and harder moves when I still can’t even get my feet to do the first move. I look like a hippo trying to do the limbo. It is NOT a pretty sight. More and more I believe that white Americans were not made to dance….or at least I wasn’t. I love music, can feel the beat, even tell you the timing, but I can’t get my legs/feet to keep up with and stay together with my arms. It’s like watching a windmill fall in slow motion. No wonder I trip going up steps….I have the coordination of a lumbering musk ox.

With that picture stuck in your head I will leave you….try not to laugh too much


My Little Jerks

Here’s a couple pictures(ok there would be a couple if I could figure out how to get the pics to load, will ask the nerd later) of the kitties from this past winter: For the record, they are both Bengal cats and are loaded with personality. See for yourself….

Hi!! aren’t we the cutest?? Totally inocent here, you can leave now.

ssshhh they’re sleeping….

Mindless Ramblings…

I am beginning to think I have a rather boring life. I mean, let’s face it, instead of being at work right now or off traveling and adventuring, I am sitting through a marketing lecture that still has at least thirty minutes left….and it started at 8:30. Gah! I am so bored these days….between class, homework, tests, and work I seem to do nothing exciting. Yet at the end of the day I am still tired and absolutely wiped. Morning comes way to early these days. Take this morning for example, I was wide awake at 3:31 this morning!!! I mean seriously, all sane people should be sleeping, Mr. Tux and the little jerk curled up at my feet were, but was I?? No! I was awake and thinking of all the studying I needed to get done for my accounting test tomorrow night.

Hmmm, I think I am rambling, but oh well. I tend to do that a lot. Last night Tuxly and I were sitting on the couch when he got a text. “N is in jail“. So of course we had to call his mom and see why the heck N was in jail. Turns out someone (N) was dumb enough to go to the police after a fight just to tell/explain their side of the story, and they were spending the night. Since dad wasn’t bailing out someone who hung up on him when he had said, “Don’t Go!” Mother-in-law then tells me, “See Kiera, you aren’t the only one with a wacked family…” Isn’t that just the most comforting thing ever??!! There are some days that I wonder how my husband turned out as normal as he did, and he isn’t even THAT normal!!! 😛

Cycling in the Wind = Miserable Schmetterling

So back in December, right after our wedding, Mr. Tux and I went down to the local bike shop. After spending a couple hours finding the perfect bike and fit (a story for another day), we went home with a new Trek 7.5 cross bike for me. The idea behind all this being that I would get into cycling and work on catching up to Mr. Tux’s abilities in the sport. Up until yesterday I was doing pretty good. I had put about 137 miles on my bike between riding inside on the trainer and a couple 22 mile rides from our house to the neighboring town and back.

When we bought my 7.5 Mr. Tux was all like, …”you’re gonna want the drop bars some day.” Well I found out just how much I want them yesterday on my ride from hell. My husband and I have a bargain going on…if I ride ten rides of 50 miles or more and/or 500 miles of rides consisting of 10 miles or more, we will get me a road bike. More specifically we will invest in a Trek Madone 4.5.  This is a perfectly reasonable request since I refuse to invest that much money into a bike if I am not committed and this way I can prove to myself that I will indeed stick with this weird sport of cycling.

So yesterday was my first official 50 mile ride. We skipped church and opted to spend the day together riding instead of socializing. I was coming from two night exams last week and was totally ready to crash and enjoy spending time with my hubby. Our plan was to ride from our house to Troy and then back again for a total distance of 52 miles. The ride started out great. Weather was cloudy but warm with a slight wind to our back. Coming down the hill into Troy there was a wild turkey on the road. The trail, which is paved the whole way, is really nice and makes for a beautiful ride.

After grabbing something to eat in Troy, sandwiches and huckleberry ice cream…yumyum, we started on our way home. That is when the trouble started. The wind was coming straight at us and the cross winds would catch me and I would bounce around on a trail. I felt like a freakin’ kite. All I could think of was, “dang it, I have another 25 miles of this…I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna bloody die!!”

I kept riding and as I kept riding I got more and more miserable. My legs were killing me and I seemed to be crawling along. Now I am a passionate person who can swing and switch emotions like no other, and boy did I start. I was so mad, pissed even at Mr. Tux. After all the wind wasn’t really bothering him, he was riding through it and even worse, he had freakin’ drop bars!!! So there I was, crawling along at 7 mph, trying not to cry, pissed at Mr. Tux, with hurting legs, and all I could think of was how much I wanted to be at home snuggled up on the couch with the cats. I will admit to being snappish to the hubby; I may have used lines that I shouldn’t have. My favorite line I can’t put here, it’s just that over the top. The other good line was, “It’s your fault I am even out here!” This was said as I stood by the side of the trail and tried to catch my breath…not the best time of my life. A year ago, I swore that I would never be out there riding, and yet there I was struggling to get home on a damn bike! Not cool.

In the end, Mr. Tux rode on ahead of me and came back to pick me up in the car. I was ever so grateful. I think if he hadn’t I would still be there on the trail, only a couple miles from the house, trying to get home. So my hero rode home, braved the wind, and set an average pace of 17 mph to rescue his miserable, cold, stubborn wife.

The up sides of the day: 1. I got 47.5 miles towards my bike ridden, and 2. I got to see 6 little grizzly cubs. They were so so cute!!!!, even if the parents absolutely stank.

Success!!…I think…

Ha! I think I have actually succeeded and accomplished the unthinkable. I have set up my blog. It has taken lots of tries, several hours of the evening, and numerous questions asked of my husband, Mr. Tux. However, all those trials and errors have landed me here, creating an actual post, and hoping it all works out.

My set-up went something like this…honey, what’s this? How do I do that? Can I do this? What do you think of this? Which theme do you like better, I can’t decide?….Mr. Tux replied, that’s for adding content. All you have to do is go up and click there. No you can’t do that. I don’t know. I don’t care, they look the same. For the record, asking design help from the engineer is like pulling teeth. They are just after functional and could care less about looks and cuteness. So I sat on the couch and bravely set out to create my blog using my own creative skills, which for the record, can be limited at times.

Now, I have success. A blog that is set up in a way I can live with. It may not be perfect, but I can live with it for now. 😛 So now I am going to finish this post and head to bed. After all, it’s a Friday night and I have to get up to go cycling tomorrow.

Confusion 101

Ok, I am totally confused by all this blogging nonsense. Engineers are not helpful in the creative realms when it comes to all of this. Trust me, I should know, I am sitting next to one.